Between the Lions

Season 4 Episode 4

Step by Step

Aired Unknown Sep 18, 2003 on PBS

Episode Recap

While Cleo is closing the library, Lionel comes up to her with a map. The cub tells her that it fell out of a book he was reading, and Cleo confirms that it is an actual map of the library. Lionel and Leona are excited, because they think that they have found an actual treasure map.

From above, the bust of Busterfield III says that the map leads to his treasure, and that he does not want the cubs to find it. Busterfields sends two pigeons, Waltar and Clay, to go and find his treasure before the cubs do.

Meanwhile, the two cubs and Cleo follow the map to the big X on the library desk. When they push on the X, a secret drawer opens, which contains the step-by-step instructions on how to find Busterfield's treasure. The three lions follow the set of clues, which lead to a bookshelf. When they remove the seventh book to the left, the bookcase slides open. Behind the bookcase was a chest, which contained another set of step-by-step instructions. After following those directions, they wind up at a rock with a red X on it. However, Theo was on top of the rock, sleeping.

Leona wakes Theo up, and the four lions manage to move the rock. Under the rock was the final set of step-by-step instructions. When they follow the instructions, they end up at a second chest. However, when they open it, all that is left is a single pigeon feather. It turned out that Busterfield had kept a teddy bear inside the chest, and the two pigeons managed to retrieve it before the lions could. Busterfield is glad to be reunited with his Wetty Beddy Teddy, and Leona ends up keeping the chest to put her teddy bear in.