Between the Lions

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lost Rock

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

Mr. Webster is reading the dictionary when something flies through the air onto the front desk in the library. The item ends up being a talking rock, much to everyone's surprise. The rock begins to talk about how he can't find his book anywhere in the library, and that he remembers there being a rooster, rocket, and robot involved in the book.

The lion family decides to help the rock find his book, so Cleo types in the items he mentioned on the computer. However, all she manages to find his a video game called Rocket-Doodle-Doo. The rock tells them that he is in a book, rather than a video game. Larry, the rock, begins to cry tiny pebbles, and then Leona assures him that they will find his book.

It's at that moment that Mr. Webster comes back over with the dictionary. Mr. Webster tells the lions that there is a problem with the dictionary, and that the picture of the rock is missing after the picture of the robot. Excited, Lionel tells Larry that the dictionary must be his home. Leona is sad that Larry has to go back in the dictionary, but becomes happy again when a talking bowling ball rolls over to them. The bowling ball tells them that he can't find his book anywhere. The episode ends with Leona asking her parents if she can keep the bowling ball, which she names Steve.