Between the Lions

Season 7 Episode 8

The Three-Legged Pot & When Jabo Jammed

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • The Adventures of Cliff Hanger: Cliff Hanger gets a tempting offer in Adventure 255: Cliff Hanger and the Judge of Jam Jar Jugglers. He spots a famous judge of jam jar jugglers being judged by Jeeves. His trusty Survival Manual tells him that he should juggle. It's most opportune, as the judge is searching for someone to juggle in a movie. He likes Cliff's one-armed juggling act, but the film calls from someone who can juggle with two arms. So Cliff is left hanging. And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!

    • This was the only episode of the season to feature both the Gawain's Word and Blending Bowl segments.

    • Blending Bowl: "J" and "ump" blend together in an exciting play in this segment hosted by Terry Bradshaw.

    • Gawain's Word: "J" and "uggle" joust, making the word juggle. They then attempt juggling, but drop the ball.

  • Quotes

    • Cleo: Nobody can jam Jabo's jam just like Jabo jams Jabo's jam. Only Jabo can jam Jabo's jam just like Jabo.
      Theo: Try saying that three times fast.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

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