Between the Lions

Season 3 Episode 3

What Parakeets Need

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2002 on PBS



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    • Busterfield: I don't know why they wanted that parakeet to talk. Birds should not talk. They only give you a headache. Believe me, I know. Birds were meant to go 'tweet, tweet.'

    • Leona: (frustrated over not being able to get parakeet to talk) Lionel, I've been doing this for three weeks, but the only one I've trained to talk is Click.
      Click: My name is Sweety Tweety. My name is Sweety Tweety. Error! Error!

    • Cleo: (reading from recipe in 'What's Cooking?' segment) Five. Bake for three seconds.
      Theo: Three seconds?
      Theo and Cleo: Nah! (They both devour the meat.)
      Cleo: Sweet!

    • Leona: (singing "Sweet, Sweet, Sweet") It needs love and lots of toys / One or two or three / And the cage door must be closed / So it can't get free.

    • Cleo: Sometimes repsonsibility is about taking care of something or someone.
      Theo: Like your mother and I are responsible for the library. And, uh, oh, for putting meat on the table. Delicious meat. Wonderful meat. Meat of all kinds!

    • Leona: What is it? What is it?
      Theo: Well, your mother and I thought you were ready to take some responsibility.
      Leona: (gasps) Lionel, it's a responsibility!
      Leona and Lionel: (singsong) It's a responsibility! It's a responsibility!
      Leona: What's a responsibility?
      Cleo: It means that when you're given a job to do, you'll do it, and you'll do it carefully and well.

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