Beverly Hills 90210

Season 5 Episode 3

A Clean Slate

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1994 on FOX

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  • RIP Josh

    I think that Brandon is much better at making speeches and seems more friendly and approachable than Josh so makes sense that their campaign improves when he takes the front seat. I really didn't like Josh at the beginning but since he has been so friendly to Brandon recently I began to like him a bit more and then when the article surfaces I remembered how he was trying to dig up the dirt on Brandon. The good news was it allowed Andrea to have a storyline separate from Hannah and Jesse by trying to help him.
    I really don't like Valerie, I know I've said that before but this is my review so who cares? She then sleeps with Dylan while he doesn't know who she is.
    I thought that the storyline with Clare's snoring was hilarious and thought that a blow up man was a solution only Donna could have come up with.