Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 20

A Competitive Edge

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

Brandon joins the track team, bumping Steve from the sprint relay. Many of his teammates dislike Brandon because he wrote negative articles about the football team. Brandon considers quitting the paper because he is tired of tearing people apart. Several of the athletes are taking steroids to improve their performance. They ask Steve to participate in their program, which causes him to develop mood swings. Brandon and Andrea decide to conduct an investigation, and Kelly's friend Kyle provides them with details. The track coach cancels all practices until the steroid users come forward. The other guys suspect that Steve was Brandon's source, and threaten to beat him up unless he takes the rap. At the last minute Kyle admits that he fed the information to the Blaze, which devastates the team but relieves Steve. Brandon allows Brenda to drive his car, but she gets into an accident. The other driver claims to have developed whiplash and files a lawsuit. Brenda foils her plans when she catches her dancing in her living room.