Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 27

A Night to Remember

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1993 on FOX

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  • Prom night and Donna gets drunk

    To me the best part of this episode again is the scene between Brenda and Dylan when they dance at the prom.
    She makes the comment, "you know I am almost over you" and his response "I know, me too"
    which means to Brenda and Dylan fans there still is and always will be love between them. And how she tells him that she hopes that senior year was the worst Dylan ever knows, so touching! I love them it sucks that the writers had to put him and kelly together they are so wrong for each other.
    It would have been intersting too had Brandon and Andrea actually hooked up
  • Ugly dresses and too many not so cleverly disguised hints that one of the gang would be drunk at the prom.

    After a half hour of hearing every character say "If you're caught drinking at the prom you won't be able to participate in senior activities", the prom actually starts. The first half totally just sets up the fact that someone from the gang is going to get busted drinking. At the prom, Donna's boobs are on display, Kelly should not have worn a white dress, Brenda's hair is awful as well as her dress and eyebrows which she is currently painting on, and Andrea looks like Andrea. The whole Brandon and Andrea end up going to prom together was a little contrived as well as Donna acting drunk then sober then drunk and then puking. Overall, not a bad episode but one in which there really aren't any surprises either except for maybe finding out Jim Walsh inhaled weed.
  • A night to remember is an episode where funny stuff happens. it was a nice episode.

    It was funny where Donna passes out infront of mrs. Teasly in the hotel entrance, all of her friends helping to hide her from poeple seeing and she threw up in the washroom. Davids dad gave donna the champaigne at a pre grad party. Everyone was drunk, but donna got caught, it was horrible how she pretended to be drunk. Brenda goes to the prom with this big jock idiot. Brandon asks Andrea to go with him she declines at first than eventually goes. Cathy Dennis performs at the prom and brings back flasbacks of the good old dance mix days.
  • This is the Senior Prom night Episode. The big not so surprise was Andrea and Brandon going together.

    Although it would have been completely cliche, I was hoping Andrea and Brandon would have prom night sex...I think viewers deserved it after the ep when they had decided to sleep together when The Walshes thought they were leaving California. I\'m sure it would have affected their friendship, but who says it would have been detrimental. Maybe that\'s what they both needed.
  • Unlike Andrea

    I'm glad Brandon ended up going to the dance with Andrea but I think she definitely went too far with him - they're supposed to be friends and just wouldn't work as a couple. I also thought that the school board was horrible and too strict imposing that no drinking rule for the dance - everyone was going to get drunk and it wasn't Donna's fault that she got completely intoxicated - everyone else had champagne at Mel's house too. I thought it was lovely how the rest of the gang stood up for Donna and tried to help her out although in the end she got caught.
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