Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 18

A Walsh Family Christmas

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 1991 on FOX

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  • Chrismas in Beverly Hills, 2-part episode

    Brenda gets a job at a posh Beverly Hills boutique.

    The Walshes have their first real Christmas in Beverly Hills. The trees are all dead and try, and Brandon spray paints their tree green. Cindy attempts to invite Brandon and Brenda's friends as part of their Walsh family Christmas, but everybody has plans. Donna is skiing, Kelly and Jackie plan to have dinner with Mel and David.

    A homeless man comes to The Peach Pit, and Nat's santa suit goes missing.

    Steve searches for his birth mom. He goes to a hospital to get his birth certificate, which he can only get after bribing the nurse. He dials through the phone, until he reaches someone who knew his mom. The man is Steve's Grandpa, who tells her she died in a car accident.

    Mel and Jackie fight, after Mel decides to spend Christmas with David's mom who is feeling depressed.

    Brandon visits Emily Valentine at the hospital, and brings her a present.

    Part 2:

    Everybody's plans get changed and Samantha Sanders, Kelly and Jackie, Andrea, all come to the Walshes. Brenda invites the "homeless Santa" to the Walshes.

    Dylan visits his Dad in jail, who urges him to spend the holiday with Brenda.

    Cindy suspects that the homeless santa stole her ring until Jim reveals he had it updated. The homeless santa revealed his wife died. Nat reveals the bus boy moved his costume, and it wasn't stolen by the "homeless santa".

  • Get the spray paint out!

    Steve is off in New Mexico searching for his long lost parents, meanwhile the rest of the gang is getting ready for christmas. The Walsh family is set for their first christmas in Beverly Hills (since apparently they went back to Minnesota in Season 1). Brandon and Jim go off searching for a christmas. Their holiday tradition is to get a tree 2 days before christmas. They quickly realize that in South California, that might not be such a good idea, as all the christmas trees were dead. Cindy in particular had a tough time adjusting. Brenda got herself a new job at a trendy clothing store. Kelly and Jackie are getting ready to have David and Mel over for christmas until Mel breaks the news that he's spending it with David's mom, which nearly ends the realtionship. Brandon and Jim find a tree, but it's brown due to being burnt and dead, so Brandon does what anyone would do, and takes a can of green spray paint to the tree, which Dylan points out in a very hilarious moment. Speaking of Dylan, he visits his dad in jail. Anyway, everyones plans fall apart and everyone gathers at the Walsh house, which would be an annual tradition in years to come (for the most part). Steve finds out his mother died in a car accident, and re-unites with Samantha proclaiming her to be his real mom, in a great christmas moment. Just a nice, fun episode, and rememberd fondly by the cast in years to come. MVC: Brandon (31), Brenda (20), Dylan (15), Kelly (13), Steve (14), Jim (14), and Cindy (12)
  • Christmas time!!!

    Steve arrives in Albuquerque and tracks down his grandfather, a diner owner. Al explains that his daughter gave up Steve because she was very young and wanted him to have a good home. He sadly reveals that Karen died in a car accident. Steve leaves flowers at her grave, and convinces an eccentric Santa-like charter pilot to fly him home for Christmas. Cindy is depressed about her first Christmas in Beverly Hills. She invites the kids' friends and their families for Christmas Eve dinner, but everyone has other plans. Brandon visits Emily in a psychiatric hospital, where she is doing very well. Brenda begins work at an upscale clothing store. She feels bad when her boss throws out a cheerful old man dressed as Santa Claus. She stops the police from harassing him and invites him over for dinner. Dylan goes to see his father in prison, and talks with the same Santa. Jackie is furious when Mel backs out of Christmas Eve plans because his estranged wife asked him to come over with David. Samantha, Kelly, Jackie, Andrea, David, Mel, Donna, Dylan and Steve all show up at the Walsh house for dinner and caroling. The old man gives everyone presents and describes his lonely life; his children are grown and his wife died a year earlier. He thanks Brenda for her kindness and generosity, then mysteriously disappears as footsteps are heard on the roof.
  • BH Xmas

    The first Christmas episode of 90210. I like how Cindy explains that they spent Xmas in Minnesota the previous year, which would explain why there was no Christmas episode in Season 1. Another thing is the adjustment the family had to make from having a cold, blistering Christmas to a humid, green Christmas. Brandon spraypainting the Christmas tree is hilarious. Steve finds out his birth mother died in an automobile accident, but he never questions whom his birth father is. If Samantha & Rush Sanders never adopted Steve, Steve's name would be Steven Brown. I like when Steve arrives at Casa Walsh, he goes straight to Kelly.
  • More interesting story line about Steve Sanders being adopted.

    Steve's character in this episode is more detailed and shows a tough guy turn into a more sensitive character. It explains where he came from and he actually gets to meet his real grandfather and finds out his true mother was killed in an automobile accident. Steve realizes that all along his true mom is right at home in Beverly Hills, so he does everything possible to get back to his mother for Christmas. On a sadder side, the santa claus (homeless man) gets put down and kicked out of stores left and right on the Hollywood Blvd. But Brenda the softy she is decides to bring this homeless man dressed in santa claus home for Christmas Dinner, her mother & father love to have people around for their Christmas dinner, since everybody seems to have plans already for Christmas. Kelly's mom is actually making dinner for David & His dad, Donna is going skiing with family, Dylan wants to visit his father in jail Cause he doesn't want him to be alone on Christmas. Brandon suggests to Andrea to come to the Walshes but she declines because she doesn't think her grandma likes Christmas with them being Jewish and all. This was a good Christmas episode and the very first one they show them spending Christmas in Beverly Hills.
  • everyone has something else to do, but yet they all end up at the Walsh's for Xmas

    Brenda is always called and portrayed as a "witch" but in this episode she shows her compassion when she brings "SANTA" home for Christmas eve, donna was supposed to go skiing, dylan was going to see his father, kelly was supposed to spend the night with her mom, but yet they all end up at Casa Walsh