Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 19

April Is the Cruelest Month

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 1991 on FOX

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  • Roger Azarian is a stellar tennis player who confides in 90210's very own Brandon Walsh. As the story begins to unfold, Brandon realizes that Roger's flawless image overshadows darker demons.

    This roller coaster is a top notch season 1 episode that delivers thrills and chills throughout its duration. Matthew Perry does an excellent job portraying a deeply troubled teen who has major issues with his father. I especially enjoyed watching this episode for various reasons. One being the fact that Matthew Perry really tangled nicely with his character. During the 90s, there weren't too many young television stars that could have played such an emotional role so well. Plus, I thought he appeared to fit that age bracket of the group so in that aspect things were smooth. Overall this episode is quite splendid despite its gloomy story line.
  • Matthew Perry guest stars

    This is one of my favorite episodes. Matthew Perry guest stars as Roger Azarian, a tennis star who has it all. Brandon wants to interview him for the Blaze and starts hanging around him. Brandon realizes Roger doesn't have many friends and offers his friendship. Roger explains he has written a screenplay and allows Brandon to read it. Brandon and Brenda begin reading it and see many similarities between the lead character and Roger. Brandon starts to wonder if it is an autobiography and if Roger is planning on killing his father. He arrives at Rogers just in time to find him drunk and suicidal, and just in Brandon style, he talks him out of killing himself. A great episode overall.
  • All episodes of Season 1 were excellent, but this was less excellent. Storyline was over the top. Tori Spelling was awful. Matthew Perry did an excellent job, too bad his role wasn't great.

    There were definitely better episodes than this in the first season of Beverly Hills 90210.

    A little bit over the top.

    Matthew Perry (everyone's favourite Chandler Bing from Friends) did a great job, too bad the storyline was too over the top.

    I still give this episode an 8 because it was the lesser of the best.

    Brenda and Brandon realyl saved this episode with their SAT humour.
  • It's Chandler Bing!

    Episode starts by Brandon fulfilling Andrea's dreams by getting the Senior Spotlight of the Blaze on Roger Azarian, a rich but troubled high school tennis star. SAT's come in as well, and while most of the gang was thrilled with their results, Donna was not. She had a horrible SAT, and found out she has a learning disability and was indeed not stupid. This would be a common theme throughout the series as nothing will get Donna fired up more than hearing the word stupid from here on out. A little hidden highlight for any prospective BH90210 fan. The main theme though was clearly Brandon trying to figure out how to help Roger, who was on suicide watch because he couldn't deal with the fact that his dad was a multi millionaire. Brandon saves the day again, and Roger gets the professional help he needs to survive. MVC: Brandon (14) and Donna (2)