Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 1991 on FOX

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  • Brandon and Brenda decide to throw a party when their parents go out of town.

    "B.Y.O.B" is a fantastic episode. I love how this episode is about the pressures of drinking. I love that Brandon actually makes mistakes in this episode and he loosens up and drinks. It was so intense how he got into a car accident and got arrest for driving under the influence. I love how Dylan brings Brandon to AA meeting to show him the seriousness of drinking. I love Jim and Cindy's plot of going out of town and meeting that creepy couple. I just kept laughing and laughing. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • Brandon gets wild

    Although he doesn't want to, Brenda talks Brandon into attending a party at Donnas house. While there, everyone is drinking and pressuring Brandon to drink. He continues to say no, but steve spikes his drink and Brandon doens't want to look uncool, so he goes along with it. Soon he is trashed and the party ends. A few days later, Brenda talks Brandon into throwing a party at Casa Walsh while the rents are out of town. Brandon begins drinking, while Brenda starts to freak out that so many people show up. Steve and Brandon run out of alcohol so they go to get some more and Brandon wrecks his car while drunk driving, landing himself in jail for a DUI. The Walshes are not happy when they get the call.
  • No one is perfect, not even Brandon Walsh.

    Another "life lesson" episode here, this time about teenage drinking. Donna has a party, and Brenda gets Brandon to go. Brandon goes there, and doesn't want to drink, but Steve spikes his drink. Not wanting to look like a wuss, Brandon acts like he is happy with Steve for doing it. Steve gets laid by Kelly, which she regrets. Anyway, round and round we go, and the twins return home. Leave it to Brenda to be an idiot, as they are almost in the clear when she hugs Cindy and Cindy smells liquor on her breath. Brenda at least covers for Brandon and tells the folks that it was just her who was drinking. Jim and Cindy then leave for Palm Springs for the weekend, and Brenda, Kelly, and Donna see the green light to have a party at the Walsh house. Brandon is completely against the prospect of this, but lets Brenda talk him into it. They agree not to drink, but now Brandon being the idiot, he breaks that pact early and often. Brandon gets hammered, and before you know it, him and Steve decide they need some more alcohol, and food. Bad idea as Brandon drinks and drives, and destroys his car, and goes to jail. Jim and Cindy return home to get him out and we get the nice little parent-child lecture etc, played brilliantly by Cindy (as usual) and big Jim does a good job too. Brandon is still feeling guilty and angry about everything and feels like drinking again, until Dylan steps in and saves the day, further cementing them as the duo that makes this series great. Dylan takes him to an AA meeting, and everything seems to be put in perspective for Brandon. Just a great episode. MVC: Brandon (6), Dylan (4), Jim (3), and Cindy (7)
  • Brenda and Brandon have a party and Brandon gets drunk.

    Brenda goads Brandon into taking her to a party at Donna's house. He voices his objections to alcohol, but Steve spikes his drink. He decides to go along with it so that he won't appear "uncool." Kelly gets drunk and sleeps with Steve. Cindy catches Brenda with alcohol on her breath, but Brandon gets by unscathed. Jim and Cindy attend a weekend retreat, where they are forced to spend all their time with an overly friendly couple. Brenda convinces Brandon to throw a party, but they agree not to drink. Word of the party spreads, and it quickly gets out of hand. Brandon drinks heavily and kisses a stunned Andrea. Kelly dances with the lovestruck David to avoid Steve's advances. Brandon tries to drive to the store and smashes his car. He is arrested for drunk driving. Dylan takes him to an AA meeting and reveals that he is an alcoholic.
  • Brenda and Brandon drink at Donna's party. Cindy finds out that Brenda drank. She doesn't find out about Brandon When Cindy and Jim go away to Palm Springs,the twins throw a raging party. Brandon drives drunk, crashes Mondale and spends a night in jail.

    This is the first episode I remember watching, way back during Season 1 in 1991. I love this show. For me, 90210 is all about issues-oriented shows and raw dialogue. Of course a little soapiness had to be mixed in but these early days, in my opinion, were far superior to the later "purely soapy" days.
    I really think the struggles with peer pressure, consumption of alcohol, dealing with parents etc. were so well dealt with in this beautifully crafted episode. It is so touching when Dylan takes Brandon to an AA meeting at West Beverly High School. This episode demonstrated that Brandon wasn't just a perfect, squeaky clean guy he had previously appeared to be. I also love how Dylan supported Brenda as she watched the party at her home, and her brother, spin out of control. It was great to see the early stages of their beautiful, intense relationship. All around, a wonderful episode.
  • Brandon and Brenda throws a party when their parents are out of town.

    In this episode, B&B throws a party when their parents are out of town and Brandon gets arrested for drunk driving.

    Brandon is a bit out of character when he asks Andrea to dance. It later episodes he always says he doesn't dance.

    Brenda gets most of the heat for the party even though Brandon got arrested. It's so typical. Then Brandon finally confess to Jim that it wasn't the first time he had a drink (he lied at first) and Jim just says that he already understood that. I hate that. If Brenda did the same thing, all hell would break loose.

    Dylan tells Brandon he's an alcoholic. I never got that really.. In the last season, Dylan drinks. If he really is an alcoholic, he wouldn't have been able to handle it.