Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 19

Back in the High Life Again

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 1993 on FOX

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  • Brenda is betrayed by the two people she loved the most

    I HATE Kelly & Dylan together, and words cannot express just how much. Brenda brings out a romantic, committed side to Dylan like noone else, and it's endearing to watch their romantic journey together throughout Seasons 1 and 2. This is the turning point in the show - perhaps the first big jumping the shark moment - as Dylan chooses Kelly in a rather sleazy scene where they passionately start kissing in a pool. Dylan and Kelly as a couple are not well-liked, they don't do what Dylan/Brenda or Brandon/Kelly do - they don't make us believe that they are truly in love. So having to see Dylan choose Kelly over Brenda is one of the toughest things to have to endure during this show. Shannen Doherty performs top-rate in the episode's end scene, really making us believe in Brenda's heartache as the gruesome twosome shamelessly admit their summer fling. Brenda's "don't ever talk to me again" is a perfect way to end the episode, as she walks away leaving Dylan and Kelly looking unsure about their future as a couple. Memorable episode definitely, unfortunately (if you don't ship DK) for the wrong reason.
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