Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 1

Beach Blanket Brandon

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 1991 on FOX

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  • Season 2 starts off with a goody

    As will be the theme with this series, the season openers always seem to deliver, and this one sets the tone. I always thought the producers were geniuses by putting together some summer episodes on this series. Coming off the near move, Brenda finds out she's late. She takes a home pregnancy test and generally has a big scare. It really needs to be stated too how well Jim and Cindy do in parenting roles. Unfortunately it gets overshadowed by most fans, but they are so essential to these early years and most fans take it for granted. Meanwhile Brandon is noticing the tips at the Peach Pit are getting smaller, and customers fewer. Not good for his summer end plans to have his mustang. So on Steve's suggestion, decides to try and become a lifeguard. He fails miserably, but Henry Thomas, the manager of the Beverly Hills Beach Club, is impressed with Brandon's character (and really who isn't?) and offers him a job to be a cabana boy. Brandon scores the most rightous job of the summer, but has to dump on poor Nat with no notice. Meanwhile, despite not being pregnant, and despite Dylan being amazingly supportive through it all, Brenda does what any normal person would do... dumps Dylan. Lets face it Brenda is simply a big pain in the a$$! Dylan is completely devastated and rightfully so. A very solid way to open Season 2, and you can already tell, each of the characters is much more confident, and the writers are starting to become a little more aggressive in the stories. MVC: Brandon (18), Brenda (15), Dylan (8), Jim (8), and Cindy (10)