Beverly Hills 90210

Season 9 Episode 6

Brandon Leaves

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on FOX

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  • 8 Years later & the unofficial end to 90210.

    This episode marks the end of 90210 in some ways. This drama focused on a group of young people & mainly the Walsh family as they coped with the high life in Beverly Hills. Once all the Walshes left it then had no real focus. Several plot threads had now been done before in later episodes and its interesting to note that in some of those later episodes, I don't know if the writers did this intentionally but the original characters become their original selves once again; as seen in the High School seasons and probably before Brandon arrived. Steve is the spoilt scheming money maker that doesn't care about others. Dylan is still the tragic loner on a path to self destruction, David becomes the nerdy DJ, Donna becomes the fashionable yet naive airhead and is pushed back in episodes abit, Kelly having lost her meaningful job at the hospice becomes just obsessed with dating guys again. Although this is not a bad thing it does allow us to see them more developed to fill the void the Walshes have left. I think it was just as well Brandon had left his character had been taken as far as it could, though it was down played a bit for obvious reasons. I think a montage or flash backs of previous adventures would have gone down a treat. The story Brandon tells could have happened untelevised but then he probably just elaborated it abit for Steve. After all it was him who he met first.
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