Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 7

Camping Trip

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Aug 29, 1991 on FOX

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  • Classic

    Summer is about over, and the gang has one last hurrah. A camping trip in the Yosemite Valley. Dylan is frustrated because his mom isn't spending time with him, so Brandon convinces him to come with them. However, when Brenda forgets to pack Brandon's hiking boots and lucky hat, it sets off a chain of bad luck for the gang. A big rain storm hits and they are forced to stay in a beaten down old cabin with no hot water, and generally crappy living conditions. The honeymooners next door have a big fight and get guidance from the gang. Anyway, the honeymooners were fighting because the wife was pregnant and the husband didn't want kids, or something like that and it sets Dylan off to lose it. He steals some booze from the honeymooners cabin, and falls off the wagon for the night. Brandon finds him sleeping on a rock the next morning, and after a heart to heart, all seems to be better. So the 2 of them go on a little hike up a cliff. But because Brenda forgot his hiking boots, he slips, and nearly kills himself. Hanging on the side of a mountain for dear life, Dylan makes the save. It's a moment that really cemented their friendship. MVC: Brandon (23) and Dylan (11)
  • Dylan shares his emotions

    I love the fact that even though Dylan and Brenda are not together they connect in a way that shows their true love.
    I also love the fact that Brandon realizes what Dylan is going thru and takes him on a hike and Dylan ultimately saves his life.
    Oh and the fact that this is the beginning of David's friendship with the gang.
  • The gang go camping together. Initially, Dylan is not going to go but Brandon convinces him to go and he does. There is drama when the group run into a rain storm and, later, into a newlywed couple.

    I really loved this episode. I just watched an old VHS cassette of it a couple of nights ago. It combines all the 90210 elements I adore. Brandon was so beautiful and was trying so hard to help Dylan. Dylan was that mysterious loner who was trying to open up and let his guard down. Dylan was pining after Brenda and she was there for him. Donna, David, Steve, Kelly and Andrea provided, for the episode, exactly what I like them to provide--support to the \"Big Three\" (Brandon, Brenda and Dylan.) I thought the newlywed couple helped the gang to explore some of their own angst and worries about their tender age and their parents\' marriages/divorces in a really nice way. All around, I loved this episode. I think the first and second seasons were definitely my favorite seasons of the show. I think that it had such heart and soul at that time.
  • When Brandon is hanging off the cliff, they show a shot of "Dylan's" face, and you can totaly tell it wasn't him; and Brandon can miraculously pulled him self up with one hand.

    This episode was ok, but it wasn\'t the best. The main thing I thought to be really funny was when they showed Brandon hanging off the cliff, they showed a shot of them from the bottom and you could totaly tell it was two different people. And Dylan is supose to be an alcoholic, but he drinks a number of times later on in the show, and nobody says anything. I also thought it was pretty silly when they had to bring two complete strangers to create conflict and a story line.