Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 22

Change Partners

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1994 on FOX

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  • Brandon and Kelly!!!

    YAY!! Brandon and Kelly, three seasons after their hot kiss in the Spring Dance (which unfortunately didn't go any further), finally start figuring out their true feelings for each other on a trip out together, and Brandon makes his move, to which Kelly more than welcomes. She admits she's always wanted it to happen, and gladly, so does he. Oh how I love this couple.

    Now, the not so good... ok, Dylan and Kelly are still together by the episode's end, and Brandon goes back to that slutty Lucinda, but it doesn't negate the fact that Kelly and Brandon are finally taking the next step towards what becomes one of the biggest ever 90210 romances. Brandon looks jealous of Dylan and Kelly kissing, which is why he goes back to Lucinda for comfort, despite admitting he didn't miss her.

    Other significant moments - a really cute dog which Donna grows fond of appears (Rocky, I think). I love dogs and this one was cute! Kelly and Brandon square dance in a scene where they reminisce over the time they kissed and danced at the Spring Dance. Oh, and Lucinda makes a move on Dylan, seemingly not interested (for once), but kisses her anyway.

    If nothing else, an episode that foreshadows good things to come for Brandon/Kelly. My favorite quote:

    Brandon: For the past few hours, I've been thinking how much nicer it is to be square dancing with you than hiding out with Lucinda.
    Kelly: If that's a line, then you know how to pick 'em.
    Brandon: It's not a line.
  • The episode revolves around Brandon and Kelly going on a weekend-retreat, where things heat up. Meanwhile back in Beverly Hills the significant others of those two, Dylan and Lucinda, are left to make a little movie action of their own.

    This is Beverly Hills at it's best! Finally after so much hinting,waiting around and foreshadowing Brandon and Kelly emerge as a couple! Love the fact that they go to a weekend retreat where they finally embrace their feelings for one another! One of my favorite scenes out of the whole series is when they are square-dancing...chemistry doesn't get any better! Dylan and Lucinda on the other hand not so much. Love the fact that the couple "change partners" and interestingly enough Dylan said no to Lucinda's advances.

    Also in this episode a dog found by Brenda and Donna named Rocky and something to do with Steve and Andrea's living arrangements.
  • Rocky is so cute!

    I really like the storyline of Brandon and Kelly - I also think that their square dancing was really funny although I thought they were a bit too good at it as though they had previous practise. I like the fact that Kelly and Brandon are honest with each other and do not get into fights like she did with Dylan.
    I really don' tlike Dylan and if her film was any good she wouldn't have to make a move on him to get him to fund her project.
    Rocky is so cute and I can't believe that anyone would want to do tests on him. I think that it was a good idea to protest against animal testing as it can be cruel.
    I cannnot believe Steve. First he promised Andrea he would not let any of the frat guys go in the room and then lets it out so they can have sex in it. And then he goes and sleeps with the resident advisor. I thought he was nicer than that.