Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 17

Chuckie's Back

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1991 on FOX

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  • Steve Finds Out He's Adopted, David + Donna's relationship begins

    The winter dance is coming up at West Beverly. Kelly has a date with Steve's childhood rival, Chuck, "Chuckie" Wilson, a child actor from his mom's show, the Hartley house. Brandon claims not to want to go for not liking to dance and not having a date.

    The Beverly Beat decides to run a story on Chuck. Steve and Chuck's rivalry continues, including Chuck bringing up the fact that Steve was adopted, which culminates in Steve punching Chuck. Steve takes the rap after Chuck blackmails him about doing a reunion special which would be very lucrative for his mom. Steve gets suspended as a result.

    Kelly thinks Steve punched out Chuck because he was jealous that Chuck was going out with Kelly (lol, conceited?). Brandon tells her it's because he was sensitive about being adopted. Steve's mom stands up for Steve after learning the truth about Chuck. Kelly stands up for him too, by standing up Chuck and taking Steve to the dance.

    Donna spends the whole episode trying to tell everyone that she and David are just friends. Including David. David and Donna kiss, and she pulls away. Later on she realizes her feelings, and kisses him on the dance floor. She makes a somewhat cheesy declaration to her friends that she like him.

    Steve gets on the bus to find his birth mother, as a Pretenders song plays. <3 the Pretenders.

    The episode seems pretty cheesy, but it sets up the plot for the next episode, where Steve goes to Albequerque to find his mom. It's very Steve-centric. But David and Donna begin their relationship, and Brenda and Dylan are together.