Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 1

Class of Beverly Hills

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1990 on FOX
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A job transfer moves the Walsh family from small town Minnesota to glamour-capital Beverly Hills. Talk about a culture shock... Twins Brandon and Brenda attend West Beverly High, and find that priorities are different here than in farm country. Brandon meets the school newspaper editor, Andrea, a hard-nosed, go-getter, with a bit of a secret. He also befriends Steve, a spoiled rich kid with a bad attitude. Meanwhile, Brenda makes friends with popular Kelly and fashionista Donna, uses fake ID to get into a nightclub where she meets a 20-ish lawyer, and David and Scott roam the halls as freshmen.


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  • No 1 from teenagere dans

    good karakters
  • Hygge

    Slapper af
  • It's Brandon and Brenda's first day at West Beverly High.

    "Class of Beverly Hills" was a good way to start the Beverly Hills 90210 series. I love the introduction of each character. I love how each character started off as a stereotype but became much more complex with every episode. I love how Brandon and Brenda are the new kids trying to fit in. I love how David and Scott are these nerdy freshman trying to become popular. This was a good start to the series. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Well, it's the first one I guess.

    So the Walshes are here, and West Beverly Hills High School will never be the same. Very long and boring episode. Brandon (manwhore) makes out with what will be the first of many flings throughout the series, and Brenda sets the table on how annoying she will be throughout her stay on the show. Two big friendships are born here. Kelly and Brenda instantly become friends, and eventually best friends. And of course with Kelly, you get Donna. Brandon, and Andrea become friends and have an instant bond that never gets broken. Pretty historically significant show in that respect, but not one of the better episodes. I should point out, that this was a good introduction to all of the characters that were in the show. Obviously, Dylan doesn't appear until the next episode, and Donna's role is extremely limited early on, the rest of the characters are introduced brilliantly. Most Valuable Character (MVC): Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, Jim, Cindy, and David all get the nod.moreless
  • Woulfn't have started the series if Shannen Doherty hadn't been in it, but now,I'm hooked!

    Meet the Walshes. They've just moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills and are in for a major Culture shock. We are introduced to most of the main characters that will be effective in the series for the next 10 years. The ones that don't leave before the end of the series,so i hear.

    I haven't watched the whole series yet .Brandon and Brenda Walsh are twins getting ready to start their first year at West Beverly High School. They've moved because their dad, Jim got a promotion. Cindy, their mom is a stay at home mom.

    Brandon falls out with what will be the first of many flings throughout the first season, and Brenda shows how annoying,loving,and understanding she can be. Kelly and Brenda instantly become friends, and eventually best friends. And of course with Kelly, you get Donna. Brandon, and Andrea become friends and have an instant bond that seems to get tested,but never broken. Pretty historically significant show, but not one of the best.Good introduction to most of the characters that are in. Though this wasn't my favourite episode,it was enough to keep me intersted, and wondering what was going to happen next.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode Brenda tells Brandon that the car he drives is not just his, it is theirs. That fact will change after this episode. The car Brandon drives is called Mondale and exclusively Brandon's car.

    • As most pilots are shot far in advance of the actual episodes of a show (including this on) there are many differences to note from the pilot to the first episode, and later episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210.

      ~The Walsh home is not the Spanish style house used in all future episodes.
      ~Brandon's car is not the same car he drives from episode 1-2 on
      ~Kelly's mom refers to a boyfriend named Bob, who is not mentioned in the future.
      ~Brandon's hair is longer, and his later famous sideburns are missing in the pilot.

    • Class of Beverly Hills was the working title of the series before it became known as Beverly Hills 90210.

    • In this episode, Brenda changes her Minnesota driver's license and uses it as a fake I.D. to get into the bar. In later shows, it's an ongoing story that Brenda doesn't have her license and must learn to drive.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Steve: You got a nose job!
      Kelly: Yeah, I did.
      Steve: Looks good.
      Kelly: Big improvement, huh!
      Steve: Yeah, they took about a foot off.
      Kelly: Now I know why I broke up with you.

    • Brenda: Everyone here looks like they stepped out of a music video. I don't even have the right hair.

    • David: Before we go, I have to tell you one thing. I don't have my license. Is that a problem for you?
      Steve: YEEHAW!!
      David: Guess not.

    • Steve: (about Kelly) She's lousy in bed, she's got a nasty personality...
      David: I could live with that.
      Steve: Who are you?!

    • Marianne: You smell so good. What is that you're wearing?
      Brandon: Uh... I don't know. Tide?

    • Brandon: First day of school. Strange city, new house, no friends. I'm psyched.

    • Brenda: Look for me at lunch, okay?
      Brandon: Sure.
      Brenda: I don't wanna look like some geek without any friends.
      Brandon: Right, together we'll look like two geeks without any friends.

    • Steve: Hey, get off it. I'm the guy who taught you how to work that clutch.
      Kelly: I drive an automatic thank you very much.
      Steve: Figures.

  • NOTES (9)