Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 29

Commencement (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1993 on FOX

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  • The gang from our favorite zip code prepares for their high school graduation

    I think what I loved most about this episode is the flashbacks they showed.
    They were perfectly timed in each if the scenes. Some were sad, some were funny and some were well simply intense.

    The episode was perfect because it brought back so many memories from the entire series, not just from senior year, although seeing some of the flashbacks made me long to have Brenda and Dylan back together. What was great about this episode as well was the fact Andrea was stressing about her speech and that suited her character to a tee and Brenda was trying to decide to leave behind her life and friends in Beverly Hills and return to Minnesota. All and all one of the best first parts to a season finale (even though when the episode was first aired and released on VHS it was really one episode). This BH, 90210 fan gives it TWO-THUMBS UP :-)
  • West Beverly Class of 1993 Graduates

    I have to agree with Hainesg on this one! Along with part 2 of Commencement, this is one of the best episodes of this show to date, second only to the \"It\'s A Wonderful Life\" Christmas ep. It was fun to see the flashback of each characters best moments by themselves, and with their friends. \"Brandon\" was the best scene in the episode after the graduation scenes themselves.
  • Brilliant

    I might be bias because I hadn't watched many of the previous episodes but I thought that this episode was brilliant - reminding us what they had all been doing for the past three years and why we love the show. It was great seeing clips of Kelly and Brenda as proper friends, Brenda and Dylan as a couple, Andrea offering herself to Brandon and Andrea and Steve trying to exchange an egg.
    I especially enjoyed the clips when everyone got their diplomas - showing the best bits of each character. I was also glad Kelly's dad showed up and Dylan patched things up with his mom.