Beverly Hills 90210

Season 10 Episode 17

Doc Martin

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2000 on FOX

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  • Dr. Martin's death leaves many unanswered questions for Gina.

    This was a sad episode to watch. We lose one of the longest recurring characters in the series. But I was really angered by most of the group in this episode. What was with Kelly in this episode anyway? She suggested that Gina was to blame for her father's death and then chewed out Dylan for him risking his life. It just seemed like some of the characters did a 180 at this point. Donna really made me mad because she suggested that if Gina hadn't found out that she was also Dr. Martin's daughter, then none of this might never had happened. She was a total hypocrite, because she went out of her way to tell Gina the news in the first place. And David, who was Gina's friend suggested that she didn't do everything in her power. I couldn't blame Gina for leaving town at the end of the episode. The last scene with her and Donna seemed fake. But I really liked the strong friendship with David and Donna in this episode, and the strong friendship between Dylan and Gina. Nat really needed to be in the episode too. He was everyone's father figure, and the writers needed to put him in the episode. Felice was really convincing in this episode too.

    So I covered a lot of negatives, but I did like the episode. I was just disappointed in all the characters in this episode. But, then again, Gina DID cause a lot of pain and grief to some of the characters in the past too.
  • Dr.Martin\'s funeral soo sad

    It was so sad to watch Donna try to talk about her father at his funeral and to have Gina walk up and finish it for her, it was so sad to find out that everyone blamed gina for his death it was not her fault, at least i didnt think so