Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 3

Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1990 on FOX

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  • First season episode with an after-school special vibe

    Brenda is still trying to be friends with Kelly and Donna in this episode. She hangs out with one of Kelly's ex-friends, Tiffany, who shoplifts and gets caught, and is "guilty by association". Her mom thinks she is guilty. Until the friend sets things straight. Of course, they give an explanation of why she would shoplift when she could afford it, because she has absent parents who are mall developers away in Boca Raton. Though she says it's the only time she feels alive which feels more plausible than absent parents for the thrill seeker. Very after-school special vibe. Technically neither of them got arrested because the store never pressed charges or called the police after Tiffany talked to them, or rather, her money talked to them, about offering to pay for the goods.

    Also, Brandon gets a job at a posh restaurant with great cumin, but quits on principle after he finds out the immigrant kitchen staff is getting paid less than minimum wage. But never fear, Brandon doesn't have to deal with unemployment because he immediately gets a job at the Peach Pit, which will become an important place in the series.

    I never disliked Brenda's character but I can see how her character can come across as whiny, when she gives a speech to her mom, about how could her mom think she's that kind of person. Brenda's goody-two shoes makes me long for the future schemings of Valerie & Gina.
  • Brenda becomes friends with Tiffany who's a shoplifter. Brandon gets a job at the Peach Pit.

    "Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)" is an awesome episode. I love how Brenda becomes friends with Tiffany and she finds out that Tiffany is a shoplifter. It was intense when both Brenda and Tiffany got arrested for stealing. I love the scene where Tiffany explains to Cindy about her home life and that Brenda had nothing to do with shoplifting. I love the introduction of Nat and Brandon working at The Peach Pit. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • WARNING, Shannen Doherty attempts to act.

    Completely pointless episode, other than when Brandon meets Nat, and gets the job at the Peach Pit, which he will have right up into Season 4. Tiffany is never heard from again, which sucks because she's a little hottie, and actually could have been a pretty good character. Reminds me of what Valerie Malone might have been like if she was on the show during the high school years. The story itself isn't horrible, as it really illustrates how difficult it would be to move from the old fashioned family values society of the Midwest, to the fast paced glitz and glamour of Hollywood; especially as a teenage girl. Unfortunately it requires Shannon Doherty to act, which never is a good thing. MVC: Brandon (3), Brenda (2), and Cindy (3)
  • Kelly and Tiffiany invite Brenda to go shopping with them but Tiffany sets Brenda up and she steals and she tries to put it on Brenda but it doesn't work out the way Tiff wants it to. Brandon finally gets a job at the local teen hang out the Peach Pit.

    I thought this episode was really good in my opinion. Tiffany was a real pain in the ass to Brenda and she didn't deserve it at all I felt bad for her. It sucks that Cindy didn't believe her daughter at first until Tiffany came over and apologized. I thought Brenda's paper was really good i guess writing runs in the Walsh family lol. I read Les Merials in high school myself but i don't remember most of it lol i don't even remember how to spell it I thought the sceans with Anna were halerious and she couldn't speak English that sucked! I also loved how Brandon stood up for himself at that loudsy job to his boss then took the job at the peach pit. YAY for Brandon!
  • In this epsiode, Brenda and Kelly's friend Tiffany was arrested for shoplifting. Brenda has thought about stealing, but she never did and wasn't going to. Everybody was accusing her for steaing. Tiffany made it look like Brenda was stealing.

    This episode is very well writen and revealing, I really enjoyed watching this episode. Most of all, this epsiode has alot to do with Brenda and Brandon. I could understand that Brenda couldn't afford the merchandise and considers stealing, but she knew the rules and she didn't steal. Brenda wanted to have nice cothes like her friends do.
  • Brenda goes shopping with Kelly and Tiffany, Kelly's best friend from junior high school. Brenda cannot afford the merchandise, and considers stealing. Brandon gets a job at a trendy restaurant and the Walsh's hire a housekeeper.

    I enjoyed watching this revealing episode in which Brenda goes on several shopping trips, after school, with Kelly and Tiffany, Kelly's best friend from junior high school. Brenda knows she cannot afford the merchandise, and considers stealing because she is envious of her classmates' wardrobes. (Brenda feels like she doesn't blend in like she did back home) It isn't until her and Tiffany are caught shoplifting and her mother losing faith in her, after stolen clothes(put there by Tiffany) are found in her bedroom, does Brenda change her attitude(she realizes that just because you have money, doesn't mean you are happy nor does it mean you have everything)

    I found this episode to be a revelation of sorts for Brandon, when he gets a job at a trendy reasturant, and finds that all employees are not treated equal, but most are being treated unfairly,(mainly the bus boys/cooks) he quits after only working a couple of days, but not before letting the owner know that he intends to write an expose for his school paper about her exploitation of her employees.

    Also this episode gave us a chance to see how Brenda's and Brandon's parents were coping,living in Beverly Hills. Jim, his time consumed by his job, and Cindy feeling alone, but finally finding a friend in the housekeeper(Anna).

    This episode in all was not very exciting but it was revealing, informative and well written.