Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 3

Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1990 on FOX

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  • First season episode with an after-school special vibe

    Brenda is still trying to be friends with Kelly and Donna in this episode. She hangs out with one of Kelly's ex-friends, Tiffany, who shoplifts and gets caught, and is "guilty by association". Her mom thinks she is guilty. Until the friend sets things straight. Of course, they give an explanation of why she would shoplift when she could afford it, because she has absent parents who are mall developers away in Boca Raton. Though she says it's the only time she feels alive which feels more plausible than absent parents for the thrill seeker. Very after-school special vibe. Technically neither of them got arrested because the store never pressed charges or called the police after Tiffany talked to them, or rather, her money talked to them, about offering to pay for the goods.

    Also, Brandon gets a job at a posh restaurant with great cumin, but quits on principle after he finds out the immigrant kitchen staff is getting paid less than minimum wage. But never fear, Brandon doesn't have to deal with unemployment because he immediately gets a job at the Peach Pit, which will become an important place in the series.

    I never disliked Brenda's character but I can see how her character can come across as whiny, when she gives a speech to her mom, about how could her mom think she's that kind of person. Brenda's goody-two shoes makes me long for the future schemings of Valerie & Gina.
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