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Brandon's overreaction with Lenny

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    In late season eight and early season nine, we meet Lenny who was the abusive husband of Leah who visted the Wyatt Clinic to be treated for her injuries. She meets Kelly who gets her into a woman's shelter and eventually helps her escape from Lenny.

    In the beginning of season 9, Lenny finds out that Kelly has been talking to Leah about the custody case and comes into "Now Wear This" to confront her while she is talking to Brandon. He goes: "I hear you've been talking to my wife." Kelly goes: "We are friends... yes." Lenny then goes: "Well the last time you guys talked, Leah moved out on me." Kelly then asks him to leave. He then says: "You stay away from her."

    Then Brandon grabs his arm, gets close to him, and says: "Hey! I think the lady asked you to leave."

    Do you think he overreacted? He wasn't threatening her or going to hurt her in my opinion.

    So was this just a defensive move on Brandon's part just in case the guy tried anything?

    Do you think Brandon thought the guy might actually try to hurt Kelly?

    Or was Brandon just plain annoyed that the guy interrupted him and Kelly?

    I realize that Lenny was a wife beater but Brandon had no knowledge of that at this point. If he did, he probably would have been a lot more aggressive with Lenny. lol


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