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    ^ i know, i was furious about season 3 dvds so i know your pain
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    stellarchick86 wrote:
    I dont get means the same songs that they had when they were shown right? On soapnet when they replay it, I imagine its all the same songs so why not on DVD? I think im not understanding what that means...

    It's all about contracts. Back when they originally bought the songs, syndication airing rights were including. DVD didn't even exist yet, nor did the market for television shows on home video. Alot of shows found out when they went to aquire those rights now that a majority of record labels want half a million dollars or even higher just to play part of one song. Since it would cost them millions of dollars maybe for just one episode, it is deemed way too costly for older shows that won't sell as much, so they would rather pick songs from a cheaper unknown band or simply higher a team to create new music to replace the old. It's unclear if in later seasons if they will be able to make better deals with those who actually appeared on the show, since it is obviously an exchange of services. The show benefits from having them on there and since you can see them, it helps promote their music more since you actually know who it is. They got Color Me Badd to stay on the DVDs. I think for a majority of shows now, that home video and internet release rights are included when they buy the shows. Also shows that sell alot on DVD like Smallville could afford to keep all orginal music. I keep buying the 90210 seasons for $40+ hoping they are saving up money to keep the performers in later seasons.
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    Here's the back cover and extras:

    quote: We've added a news item for "Beverly Hills, 90210" to the site. Here it is:

    Back of the Box for the 4th Season of 90210 - 8:15 AM 3/24/2008 We've got rear box art for "Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Complete 4th Season" on DVD. Take a look in the TVShowsOnDVD News!

    You were sent this email because you have expressed interest in having "Beverly Hills, 90210" released on DVD. If you no longer want to receive these emails you may change the setting in your User Options - "Change Account Information". - /quote

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    Okay, just bought my S4 boxset....only on disc two....but I'm really upset because in the episode Going Greek or whatever it's called they cut out the candlelight ceremony where Andrea wears her Jewish star....they just cut to Andrea being back at the dorms and the the Sorority leader coming to explain what happened...That was such a powerful scene and was an important part of that story line.

    Let's hope they don't cut out too many more good scenes.....

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