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survival of dylan's dad

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    [1]Mar 4, 2012
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    do you think/know if the survival of dylan's dad was planned? It'd explain why they don't show us him go in the car. No matter what it was so lame. so much happened for no reason(especially the episode "on wedding & a funeal). As far as I noticed it didn't impact the rest of the show(which there wasn't even 1 whole season left of) after the last episode of the 3-part storyline of him turning out to've survived(starting with steve noticing him on airport footage & ending with jack telling dylan the truth of what happened). He should've been kept dead, do i think.

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    I don't think it was planned that early in the series to have him come back. I think they were running out of story ideas at the end of the series and pulled it out of thin air. Yes, it was stupid to have it happen so late in the game. I wonder if they would have done it sooner if Luke Perry hadn't left for a few years. I agree that he should have stayed dead, too. The whole thing cheapened a big chunk of what happened in season 3.
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