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The show's poor attempt at creating "racial" tension?

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    I was watching "Ashes to Ashes" again yesterday, and once again I have to laugh at the show's pathetic attempt to create racial tensions (or whatever After-School Special issue they're focusing on that week! ). While I realize the show is set in the formerly lily-white B.H., we're talking So. Cal. in the 90's. People of different skin colors were not/are not out of place in the L.A. area. A point well illustrated by the show itself: Throughout the various crowd shots around school they show many kids of different races; The school DJ that David took over for was black; Henry, Brandon's boss at the Beach Club, was black and Brandon didn't seem to have a problem with it. My favorite scene, though, that I think totally demonstrated the show contradicting itself was when Brandon and Robbie were arguing in the hallway the day after the "incident" with the sister's boyfriend. As Robbie is trying to make the case that Brandon (and the rest of B.H. by association) seems to have a problem accepting Robbie and his family because they are the oh-so-out-of-place black family, who should walk by right behind them? A black, female student. Then the camera pulls back and you can see a group of football players, some of whom are black, walking down the hall. Not that racial tensions didn't exist then (and now), but I think the show tried too hard to create an issue where there wasn't one, and the whole thing just felt forced. Not to mention their extremely laughable portrayal of the "hood". Even though it was the '90's, I'm pretty sure the tough kids living in those areas did not wear PASTEL colors!!!

    And, my last complaint with the episode, as it is with many of them, is that we never see the Ashe family again, despite the fact that there was no mention of them moving away, and Robbie seemed pretty well settled in as the Blaze's photog!!!

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    Excellent point. This is reminicient of the story from season one, "One on One" when Brandon tried out for the Basketball team but didn't make the team, and Steve cried discrimination. Of course, there was the "poor underprivledge black student" who made the team.
    D'Shawn Hardell was the same, as was Jordon Bonner, but at least Bonner had a bit more attitude. Again, though we have to tolerate the "After School Special" morality lesson with "its when we stop looking at the color of people's skin...." blah, blah, blah...
    How many times where the minorities on the show, "rescued" by the "Hillsters"? D'Shawn was saved by Brandon's pushing him to study, the gay kid at the car wash, season 8, didn't commit suicide because of David; the downtrodden Hispanic sweatshop employees were rescued due to St. Donna, as was the black family, season 6, who was let into the daycare because Donna's sorority pulled strings. The list is endless.
    How noble they are?! Puhleeez!
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    I definitely agree with you guys. It always makes me laugh when I see the black vs white episodes on this show. The ones that REALLY come to mind is when Brandon goes to the mexican food shop or whatever the heck is was that Vivica A. Fox's BF worked at (or was it brother? I cant remember) and all of a sudden it turned into like this showdown. The episode where the 2 schools were having gang tensions at the school dance and then the kids had to come together while dancing also makes me laugh. Like "just leave it to David Silver and Donna Martin and all will be ok!" It's all very Saved By The Bell. I was expecting a "theres no hope with dope" type of ending with some of thee storylines, hehe.
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    It should have been more continuous. I think the racial "tension" may have been more tolerable, if there had been a real attempt at racial "harmony". By real attempt, I mean keeping these characters on the show longer and not trying to wrap up the issues in one 60 minute episode. As neighbors to the Walshes, the Ashe family definitely should have appeared in a few more episodes; if not the parents, at least the kids.
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