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Thing you change on beverly hills 90210

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    [1]Nov 1, 2012
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    if i could change

    Dylan would DUMP BOTH Kelly and Brenda ending the love triangle

    The walsh family would not left

    Toni would live

    Scott would live

    Andrea would not left

    Brandon would be Hannah's step father

    Andrea and Brandon would finaly get together

    Gina and Dylan would not date

    Scott and David would be friends again

    Scott be aprt of the gang

    Bobby would be came back

    Andrea parents would be shown more

    Val would be nice

    Matt would not be brought in

    Steve would be Sammy's dad

    Steve and Kelly would get back together

    Maddie and Jannet would not exsit

    Andrea would respect the other side of Hannah's family and not make a big deal about Hannah being Jewish

    what would you change?

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    [2]Dec 30, 2012
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    Brenda would not have left. She and Val would have been on the show simultaneously, starting out as the great friends they supposedly were back in Minnesota. But once Val made a play for Dylan, the drama between them would have heated up and been way better than the Brenda/Kelly drama.

    Jill would return from NYCto reconnectwith Brandon. (at least for a season or two) Brandon would not have left the show.

    Andrea would have been sent to Yale and written out of the show after HS graduation.

    Dylans's father would not have returned after his "so called death".

    Brandon and Kelly would have actually gone through with their wedding, and she would soon be cheating on him with Dylan.

    There would be no Gina or Noah...ever!

    Steve would marry Carly instead of Janet.

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    [3]Jun 11, 2013
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    Brandon would have loved Andrea as much as Andrea loved Brandon and they would have been together. Andrea loved Brandon way more than Kelly ever did.
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    I would have kept Brenda on the show and still brought Valarie on. Would have been neat to see those two together. Dylan with Brenda. I would have season 8 end with Kelly and Brandon getting married. After season 8 I didn't really care for the rest. I would have had Clare stay. I really liked her and Steve together. Val and David together. Donna and Noah. I would have also let Andrea leave after HS graduation. She didn't really bring anything to the show tin season 4 and 5.
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