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tori spelling acting??????

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    i just got into bh90210 simply b.c i watch the new 90210 and i like shannen doherty so i thoughtivewould give it a try.(im loving the old 90210 better than the new one tho.)

    something i notice is that alot of fans dont like tori spelling acting.i just wanna knw whats wrong with me she can act.a person that cant act is someone thats on the screen and u can tell their saying lines,it dont seem me tori can act i remember her scenes the most b/c of the way she say seems real when i hear it and it doesnt seem like she jus saying lines.i like her acting but for those who dont like just trying to figure out why?whats wrong with it?

    my favorite characters are brenda,david,and donna

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    I really liked Donna in the early seasons and college years but sometimes she just got where she just over reacted to stuff. Had the most annoying laugh like she's trying to laugh but sounds fake. I do like her though she just in the college years she acted more like a little girl then an adult. She got better in season 9 and 10 I thought.
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    Its hard to explain but the way Tori acted she tried TOO hard to be 'this perfect angel' with the way that she said things and behaved (like her smiles and giggles and stuff). It was just too over-the-top sometimes. I also didnt quite believe her dramatic scenes or when she had to be angry either. In the earlier seasons she was relegated more to the 'sidekick' role where she was okay but as the series went on, they gave her WAY too big of a part to make up for Brenda and eventually Vals departure and it was just not that great. If you like her, OP, then theres nothing wrong with that, just my opinion on the matter...
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