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What happened after "The Wedding"?

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    I just watched the final episode of Season 8, "The Wedding, Part 2" Brandon and Kelly call off the wedding and, what, they're just going to break up!? Kelly's talking about moving out, aren't they even going to try to stay together?
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    Kelly and Brandon break up after a while of going back and forth in a couple of episodes. Brandon moves to D.C.. Kelly moves on to (new guy) Matt, but Dylan comes back resulting in a M/K/D triangle which then turns into a M/K/D/G love square when Gina (Donna's cousin) enters the picture. by the end of season 9 the triangle comes to a rest when Kelly is raped and she pretty much chooses Matt over Dylan and Dylan tries to work things out with Gina. if you want to know what happens in season 10 then i suggest you tune in because that IMO, is the worst season of 90210 EVER, right next to season 8. Season 9 was good if you like juicy adult-ish Drama.
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