Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1991 on FOX

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  • I think the episid is poor in action

    i think the episides is very poor in action and the caractersare very easy listener. they must be more intelligent than they think rhey are.they also are very sexy especially sannon. halloween is the scary day for the americans idont believe this. this is the final deep of the episodes.the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the theb th ethe the th et tthe the the thbe run runr run run ruh ruun run runr run run run is is is up up up up up up to to you you yoin
  • The gang go to a Halloween party, Brenda and Dylan dress up as Bonnie and Clyde. Kelly wears a revealing outfit and nearly gets raped. Steve and Dylan come to Kelly's rescue. Brandon and Emily V. spend Halloween together. David and Scott hang out.

    I never understand why so many people love this episode so much. It is pretty good but is nothing special, in my opinion, and I'd certainly never call it the top episode in 90210 history. I love how Brenda and Dylan dress up as Bonnie and Clyde, it's so classic. Kelly looks great in her dress, it's too bad that creep acted in such a lewd manner toward her. At least Steve and Dylan were there to save the day. Donna's mermaid costume provided comic relief, just as her dress in "Spring Dance" did as well. Brandon and Emily taking her twin niece and nephew trick-or-treating was cute and it was nice for David and Scott to spend time together, reminiscing. Especially in light of what would happen to Scott very shortly after this Halloween. It was a good episode, just not the very best.
  • Classic episode, but nothing is worse than Brenda playing armchair Quarterback

    It's Halloween time, and everyone is excited for the big costume party. Brandon decides right away that he isn't going, and instead continues his flirtation with Emily. Kelly gets dumped by some unknown guy that never made the show, and decides to use that as an excuse to dress up in a very revealing Witch costume. David continues to treat his best buddy Scott like crap and shuns him when invited for the egg fight. Donna picks up a ridiculous mermaid costume which restricts her from doing anything but stand in one spot all night. In a nice moment, Steve tells her she looks great, and to be herself, pointing out that she also had a ridiculous dress at the spring dance as well. Meanwhile Emily and her niece and nephew show up trick or treating at the Walsh house. Brandon goes out with them but the kids get lost. Luckily they went back to the Walsh house and were safe and sound with Jim and Cindy. The main plot though of course is Kelly. Her outfit gets her into some trouble, and she almost gets raped by some guy dressed as a cowboy. Luckily Brenda and Donna are there for the save, and Steve punches the guy out stating "I love that girl." Dylan puts things in perspective that Kelly said "No" and it isn't her fault at all because a guy always has a choice to take that extra step or not. Really good episode, and you can tell they are really starting to spread the storylines around from the Walsh's to everyone else. MVC: Brandon (27), Kelly (10), and Steve (11)
  • Kelly tries to stand up for herself

    This is a great episode as in, Kelly wears an outfit that most people that know her would guess is a link to her past, but when the college guy tries to take advantage of her, she stands up for herself and tries to fight him off. Ultimately Brenda and Donna stop his plans by walking in on them and then Steve and Dylan prevent what could have happened.
    This is also the beginning of Brandon and Emily's relationship... again Andrea shows her jealousy