Beverly Hills 90210

Season 5 Episode 30

Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 1995 on FOX

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  • Goodbye Andrea

    This is goodbye to the second oldest teenager next to Dick Clark. It was apparent that Andrea Zuckerman overstayed her welcome. She was always the outsider who never quite fit in and was the dullest character on the show and the addition of Jesse was an attempt to bring in racial diversity to the show. But like Andrea he was also boring.
  • Kelly should of accepted Dylan's invitation and rejected Brandon's

    I believe in soulmates and as Dylan has said countless times that he and Kelly are soulmates, I totally agree with him.
    Kelly is just too stupid and immature to realize any of it. I know that Dylan and kelly end up together in the end but still Kelly should let the process come a little faster by realizng the truth.
    So if she wanted to speed up the time to hapiness she should of chosen to go around the world with her soulmate Dylan.

    Anyway time passes and who does she end up with in ode to joy?

  • Kelly choses herself over Dylan or Brandon

    I love the quote Kelly says to both Dylan and Brandon... "I've made my choice and I choose me. I hope you understand, I'll love you both 'til the day I die."
    It was a perfect way to end the episode.
    I also liked when Kelly told Donna that neither Dylan or Brandon could put aside their differences to attend Andrea's going away party.
  • Kelly makes a choice.... Andrea & Jesse leave BH

    Kelly's choice: Brandon and kelly are too young to get married, but how could Dylan invite Kelly to take a trip around the world with him if she's in a relationship with one of his best friends? Kelly should have taken the trip, but with Brandon. They don't have to be engaged if they don't want to, but they can spend time together. Andrea & Jesse: I was sad to see Andrea go. I don't mind Jesse, but ever since he and Andrea got married, Andrea has become really boring, except for her affair with Peter. They should have had a bigger wedding. I hated how Jesse rushed Andrea out of the pit while she was saying good bye to Brandon, her best friend, who she came close to sleeping with twice. I must say though, Andrea's blonde hair makes it easier to believe she's actually 34 at this point rather than a 20 year old. How old is Jesse anyways? He must be at least 22, considering he's done undergrad.

    Andrea had a good run on the show. It was good that she visited 3 times and has finally decided to divorce Jesse in season 8. We see Hannah on the new show, and Mr. Matthews makes a joke 'how old does she think she is? 30?' or something like that. This episode was sad,but then again, Andrea has become more detached to the gang.

    Kelly made a good choice, but how will it affect the boys next season when she finds a new boy?
  • So glad no more Andrea!

    I never liked Andrea and I am glad they finally let her go. The only part where she got interesting is when she was cheating on her husband. Otherwise she had nothing to do in season 5 specially.
  • Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills- The song that plays on the dvd episode when Andrea leaves

    Hi, I have been trying to find the song that plays on the dvd boxset when Andrea and Jesse leave. I am positive it is a 60's song and I can't find it anywhere. If someone knows the song I am talking about I would love to know.

  • Andrea Zuckerman you will be missed!

    Andrea Zuckerman, my favorite character back in season 2,3. I blame the production for her leaving the show, because she barely had a decent story in season 5. Still, I will always love her. She was one of the best characters in Beverly Hills! It was very touching that last scene when they all said goodbye. I miss you already Andrea!

    What's up with Ray by the way? Is it me or he just became a self-centered bastard? In the beginning of this season, he was so sweet with Donna, and now he treats her like s***! So Ray please leave Beverly Hills. You won't be missed!

    I hate Dylan right now. How could he do this to Brandon? They (are) were best friends. He had Kelly twice and let her go. I just hated his attitude. I was so glad when Kelly didn't choose him. Dylan, you're meant to be with Brenda, so please go back to London!

    All in all, this episode was perfect. This season has been great so far. Can't wait for the finale! Merry Christmas ;)