Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 6

Higher Education

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1990 on FOX

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  • The Policy of Truth: Brenda & Dylan

    The first time we see sparks fly between Dylan and Brenda. Brenda tells Kelly, "everyone says he's troubled." Kelly says he can "trouble her" all he wants. She goes over and asks him the, as he says "deep", question of whether guys like short or long hair on girls. Dylan, ever the gentleman, says he prefers blondes. (Foreshadowing???) Looking at Kelly, before he notices Brenda, who he acknowledges as "Brandon's sister". Brenda dyes her hair blonde, with Kelly's help. Never trust a (dumb) blonde to dye your hair.

    Brandon's main dilemma in this episode is the pressure to get good grades in his history class. He first enlists Andrea's help to study, before alienating her by calling her a "business type". Then Steve gives him help via a copy of the quizzes. He's racked with guilt from cheating. He confronts the teacher, a patron of the Peach Pit, about his teaching style, memorizing facts rather than encouraging student's independent thought. Then the teacher calls him out in class, and he's ill-prepared to answer the question. Outside the Peach Pit, he confesses that his old clothes, helped him remember his deceased wife, who bought them for him. Brandon decides not to cheat anymore, and the teacher gives an opinion essay as the midterm.

    Dylan stops to talk to Brenda, on a walk. She says he thought guys liked blondes, and he says he likes blondes, brunettes, redheads, girls who wear tank tops (which Brenda is wearing). He calls in a favor to a hairstylist friend to fix her hair. She later tells Brandon that (her friend) Dylan said it was "incandescent".

    I liked this episode because we see the beginning of the Brenda/Dylan relationship. Lol @ Brenda for fantazing about Dylan liking her as a blonde, and for liking his "butt"- ahem "bike". I felt the sadness of Brandon's teacher, who lost his wife. Points for Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth".

  • Brandon finds out Steve has been cheating on tests.

    "Higher Education" is a great episode. I love how this episode about Steve cheating on his history tests and getting "A" while everyone else in the class fail the test. I love how Steve shares this with Brandon and Brandon even cheats on the next test. I love how Andrea finds out about it and makes Brandon feel bad about cheating. Brenda's hair was so funny in this episode. I love how she tries dying her hair and it looks awful. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • Season 1, Episode 6.

    This was an OK episode. Brenda's hair storyline was OK... I liked that she died her hair to impress Dylan, but I don't see what was so bad about it. It was OK. Kelly shouldn't have reacted that way since she's the one responsible for it. It was OK though I guess... Why does she care about her hair so much?? It's getting annoying.

    The episode seemed so long! I liked the Brandon cheating thing. I liked it because everybody does it, but it's not really such a big deal. Brandon is too dramatic and emotional. He was in the previous episode too. I liked the whole storyline though. Plus, Brenda and Dylan are flirting. So cool!
  • The first sign of Brenda's annoyance, as well as Andrea's.

    Mr. Denzell is an old history teacher, and the proverbial teacher that no student really likes, but actually learn more from him than they know at the time. For the first time in his life, Brandon is struggling in history class, and was getting C's. Meanwhile he sees Steve pulling in A's (Which should have been sign #1 that trouble was on the horizon). Turns out Steve had a copy of all of the quizzes, and therefore could study exactly what would be on the test. Brandon takes the quiz and pulls an A, but in the process, because of the "Denzell Curve" it lowered Andrea's grade to a C. On the next quiz, she catches him red handed, and all hell breaks loose. She is furious with him. Brandon goes off on Denzell saying that he doesn't know how to make people think, and questioning his teaching methods. Then he changes his tire and all is good. Denzell then flips the script on everyone and instead of the test he had been giving since the dinosaurs, he gives them an essay question. Brandon apologizes to Andrea, and alls well that ends well. Nice little episode asking the question: to cheat or not to cheat? Oh yeah, and Dylan tells Kelly and Brenda that he prefers blondes to brunettes. So Brenda does what ANYONE would do, and that is dye her hair blonde. Unfortunately it turns to a shade of red and looks horrible. Dylan is there to save the day, and the seeds were planted for those 2 to hook up, however the way Brenda was acting throughout the episode is the reason I dislike the character quite a bit. Very immature, and very annoying. MVC: Brandon (5), Steve (2), and Andrea (2)
  • this episode shows the first flirtation between Brenda and Dylan

    After Brenda unsuccessfully tries to dye her hair she goes for a jog and is stopped by Dylan when he drives by her on his motorcycle.
    She makes the comment that she likes his bike, although she said "i like your butt, i mean your bike"
    and he basically tells her that he likes all women, when she makes the comment that he told kelly that he likes blondes and his response consists of "girls in tank tops" - which Brenda was wearing at the time
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