Beverly Hills 90210

Season 8 Episode 16

Illegal Tender

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1998 on FOX

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  • Brandon tries to figure out her reaction before hand, but Kelly finds out about the affair anyway

    This is one of the few episodes that I truly feel bad for Kelly.
    When Kelly overhears the convo between Steve and Emma I was thinking 'oh good Brandon will have the chance to tell her first' but no the writers did the right thing and had her find out that Brandon was actually the cheater not Steve. The scene with she and Brandon when she plays the tape is priceless. I truly felt sorry for her, can you imagine having to go through that? Kelly never thought Brandon would have been the one that slept with someone else and her face is priceless when she is at Emma's apartment. The fact that she was able to play the tape for Brandon and call him a monster was the worst part because up until this point Brandon had been one of the squeaky clean characters on the show - I applaud the writers for making him faulter; I just wish it wasn't in this particular way. I always loved Brandon and Kelly together so this series of events sucked so to speak.
  • Cheater's never win...sorry Bran, but your goose is cooked...

    Brandon found out for the lying cheater he is. I'm so glad Kelly found out the truth about him. He deserved to be dumped! Val is up to her old tricks again...why Noah allowed her to work at the Club I'll never understand...

    Donna helps Carly find her son, who is lost at a mall. Very boring wonder the character of Carly didn't last beyond a few episodes...