Beverly Hills 90210

Season 9 Episode 15

I'm Married

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1999 on FOX

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  • Kelly breaks up with Matt when she finds out that he's married to another woman. Steve and Donna plot revenge against Noah after he cheats at strip poker and costs Steve his clothes. David meets a girl, Carole, who stands him up on a date.

    I thought that this was a very funny episode! Not the storyline with the Matt/Lauren/Kelly thing or the Dylan communitity service thing or the David/Carole thing just the revenge parts between Noah and Steve and Donna. At the beginning, I loved when they played strip poker and Steve lost and had to take off his boxers!! HILARIOUS!!! And what was with that scream of Kelly's? lol! And when Noah got wet twice, that was also funny! I loved Steve's green hair!! haha!
    Anyway, about that Matt/Kelly/Lauren thing, I thought that Matt was a complete jerk for not telling Kelly that he was married in the first place!