Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 10

Isn't it Romantic?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 1991 on FOX

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  • Body language: He's available, she's open to suggestion. Dylan & Brenda

    Dylan starts noticing Brenda, as he and Brandon work on cars. Jim asks Dylan questions about his earring. He takes a shower and Brenda walks in on him. He invites her to the movies with him and Brandon. They run into an old gal of Dylan's. They go back to Dylan's and listen to music.

    Brenda and Dylan go to the movies, just them. They go back to his place, and Dylan gets in an argument with his Dad. And almost starts drinking, before storming out. Dylan freaks out, Brenda freaks out. Dylan kisses Brenda.

    At West Bev, the students are getting around to the "sex ed" portion of health class. Steve volunteers to pick up the guest speaker, when the teacher's car break downs, and attempts to pick her up.

    Brandon talks to Dylan about not breaking her heart. And tells him his sister is a virgin (in her business too much?) Kelly gives Brenda a pre-date pep talk (and condoms), and Kelly and Donna help her get dressed up. Dylan doesn't show for her date, but we find out that he was helping his dad skip town. They make up and make out. Brenda talks to her dad about not sneaking around. The guest speaker has a revelation: she has AIDS. Brenda asks Dylan if she's had unprotected sex and they decide to slow things down.

    A good episode, but it seems like they took the Brenda/Dylan relationship fast, from just dating, but that's how it happens I guess.

  • Brenda goes on her first date with Dylan.

    "Isn't it Romantic?" is a great episode. I love how Brenda catches Dylan in the shower. I love how Dylan and Brenda go on their first date. It's interesting learning more about Dylan and how he doesn't get along with his father. The scene where Dylan is scaring Brenda, but Brenda gives him hug was just so intense. I love how this episode also dealt with AIDS and this woman came to speak and keep the students informed about the topic. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • Classic Dylan/Brenda-centric episode

    For anyone who ever doubts that Dylan and Brenda belong together, I suggest you watch this episode. Because it's seriously intensely romantic and charged with energy. Everytime Luke and Shannen share screentime, you're glued to the screen, because they just worked so well together. The scene in which Dylan runs after Brenda and emotionally breaks down, leading to their first and perhaps most highly charged passionate kiss ever, is extremely memorable and well acted. Their developing feelings for each other were extremely believable because the two of them together just oozed with sexual and romantic chemistry. The definitive Dylan/Brenda episode. The first and best, in my opinion. The beginning of a great tv romance.
  • Absolute classic episode of the first season. Brenda and Dylan finally start their explosive relationship.

    This is one of my favorites of the show. You can't forget the first time you meet Dylan's dad and see Dylan lose his cool. The dynamic between Brenda and father Jim is perfect as well. You already start to see all the issues that will come up season's from now between Jim and Dylan. This is absolutly one of the most pivotal episodes of 90210.
  • Classic 90210. Brenda and Dylan succumb to their mutual attraction. Even though his reputation is that of a bad-boy, he is just a tortured teenager trying to grow up without parental involvement. Brenda on the other hand, is overly protected.

    Classic 90210! This episode ranks as one of my all time favorites. Dylan and Brenda give into their passion, which is loaded with emotion. Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty give one of their best performances. I loved Dylan and Brenda, so this episode was great.
    I also like the way this episode juxtiposed the AIDS story with Dylan and Brenda. Brenda\\\'s struggle with sex and Dylan\\\'s initial pulling away, portrayed real emotions of teens, it was both relevant and realistic. I enjoyed the girl with AIDS giving the facts at a time when the majority of the 90210 teens were sexually active or at least thinking about it seriously. Teenagers need wake up calls like this. 90210, in its earlier episodes covered relevant issues in an accesable way; Though sometimes a bit over the top, its aim was commendable.
  • The beginning of Dylan-Brenda

    And the first long term storyline begins, as Dylan and Brenda hook up after teasing it in an earlier episode. Very historically significant episode for the obvious reasons. The Walsh twins finally are able to penetrate into Dylan's life as he trusts both of them. The flower pot scene will be replayed over and over again throughout the series. Most people love the Dylan-Brenda relationship. I like it for what it ultimately ended up being, a nice little high school relationship, that CLEARLY would not and could not be sustained as they both became adults. But this was what it was at the time, and most importantly, this was the first storyline where the writers really dove into what they had on there hands, and created a long term storyline which turned into other long term storylines. I also should mention this was a good "life lesson" episode about Sex, Aids, and STD's etc etc. Steve in particular does a nice job of illustrating it as he falls for the guest speaker who ends up being someone who was diagnosed with Aids. MVC: Dylan (3), Brenda (5), and Steve (3)
  • Beginning of the Dylan and Brenda era

    the best part of this episode is the sequence of scenes when Dylan takes Brenda to the hotel and his father is there...
    First he fights with his father and then he takes it out on Brenda, she runs away and he chases after her and they kiss for the first time... so sweet so awesome this is a defining moment for B and D!!!!
  • Dylan and Brenda start getting it together

    I love this episode because it's the first one where Dylan and Brenda start becoming a couple. It's so obvious that the relationship will make her life harder in some ways, but it's also so obvious that she wouldn't give it up for anything, no matter what her dad says.. It's a very romantic episode.