Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 11

Leading From the Heart

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1991 on FOX

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  • Filler episode, and thank god Brandon doesn't have to cry that much.

    Brandon and Brenda's cousin Bobby Walsh comes for a big visit. Due to a skiing accident with Brandon a few years before, he is paralyzed from the waste down and confined to a wheel chair. He has a pretty good attitude about things, and even manages to catch Kelly's eye. Brenda is a bit over protective of him and rightfully knows how Kelly is. Kelly is pretty supportive of him, and he clearly gets defensive about the "novelty wearing off." This really wouldn't be that bad of an episode if they went anywhere with it, but as a 1 shot deal, it was a bit disappointing. Two side-stories. Brenda finally gets her license, and David finally starts the ball rolling on trying to get with Donna. Brandon and Emily also continue their on again off again relationship. MVC: Kelly (8)