Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 25

Meeting Mr. Pony

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

With midterms approaching, Dylan struggles keeping his mind on studying, so Brenda decides to help him take his mind off it by taking him to The Peach Pit. Brenda is left alone inside while Brandon and Dylan take out the recycling. A 17-year-old gunman enters through the unlocked door, holds a rifle to her head, and forces her to empty the cash register. The next day, Brenda has nightmares of the event and runs out of the class screaming. She goes to see a psychiatrist who diagnoses her with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Andrea files a police report. On Saturday, the gang supports Brenda as she prepares to go to a line up to spot the criminal. She successfully identifies him, resulting in his arrest, and her fears are at least temporarily laid to rest.