Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 27

Mexican Standoff

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

Brenda upsets her father by consistently violating her curfew. She promises to demonstrate more mature behavior. Jim and Cindy agree to let Brenda join Dylan for a weekend in Mexico. Brenda falls asleep while watching a movie at Dylan's, and doesn't come home until 4 a.m. Her parents forbid her from taking the trip. Dylan encourages Brenda to stand up for herself, but she instead tells Jim and Cindy that she is spending the weekend at Kelly's house. Brenda pushes Dylan away when she discovers that he took a girl to Baja during their summer separation. They soon make up but run into problems with customs. Brenda does not have any identification because she has yet to replace her stolen license. In order to re-enter her country, she must call Jim and have him come vouch for her. Dylan's older friend, the handsome Jake Hanson, is hired to build a wedding canopy for Jackie. His presence cheers Kelly, who had been in a funk about the wedding and her new family. Jake and Kelly have dinner together and share a kiss. Kelly's involvement with Jake forces Steve to realize that he must move on.
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