Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 31

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 25, 1994 on FOX

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  • Fantastic first half of the greatest ever 90210 season finale, and part one of my personal favorite episode!

    I'm so thrilled by this 2-parter episode. First of all, what could be more great than Kelly and Dylan finally no longer dating?? YAY!! They broke up (in a really pathetic way but ironically enough pathetic equals fitting for these two) in the episode before this one, because they must've finally realised that Kelly had a point when she said 'I'm either going to be number one in your life or I won't be in your life', or 'take away the sex from our relationship and what is there?' - clever Kelly. Took you two seasons to figure both these things out?? Brenda was always THE ONE for Dylan, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Anyway, they're basically ignoring each other in this episode, which was great to see.

    Andrea gives birth to a 2lb premature baby. I felt so sorry for her and Jesse, they were both fearing for the baby's life. I thought it was sweet when Andrea called her Hannah, meaning 'hope'. The Kelly/Andrea scenes are lovely, Kelly goes with her to see her baby for the first time, and Andrea is totally supportive when Kelly admits she's fallen for Brandon - and is going to Washington to see him!! I was so glad, because I couldn't put up with Claire and Lucinda draping theirselves all over him throughout the next part of this episode as well.

    The Brandon/Brenda final ever BH scene is really bittersweet. They don't cry or anything, but they have that typical goodbye speech which lets you know that Shannen Doherty is leaving the show and Brenda won't be just in London for the summer, she'll be there - well, watch the rest of the show, and you'll find out.

    Great set-up for part 2, part 1 of my favorite ever BH episode
  • Brandon goes to Washington D.C. with the task force and finds himself in the unenviable position of being wanted by two crazy women--Clare and Lucinda. Kelly tells Andrea that she is into Brandon. Steve, David and Donna keep busy at the CU Mardi Gras.
    It is so sad to see Brandon and Brenda hug before Brandon heads for D.C. I\'ve watched this episode many times but I had never before noticed how it seemed to be a really emotional goodbye between the two.
    The dinner, where Lucinda and Clare rub Brandon\'s thighs under the table, and his reaction to that rubbing, is so funny. It\'s great that Dylan and Kelly finally broke up. I like the fact that Kel decided to skip town and go see Brando. I think Kelly and Brandon\'s early flirtation and the building of their relationship was so awesome. They truly belonged together. They were the perfect couple. I can\'t believe that Kevin got Dylan to agree not to have Jim Walsh and his company in on their investment deal. The wedding between Suzanne and Kevin was nice but was totally overshadowed by the fact that they later ripped Dylan off.
    Celeste, what were you thinking? How could you date John Sears? Ugh, ugh. Sears was crazy-obsessed with revenge to go after Steve\'s girl like that. What a creep.
    I can\'t stand what happened to Andrea. Her scenes with Jesse are so boring. I\'m sad about her baby being a premie but I really think those two ought to pack up and go!
    Donna deserved better than David at this point. I love the whole story of them getting toward marriage in Season 10. In fact, the only thing I like about the last five seasons of 90210 is the times when David and Donna were being reunited. Ok, I\'m getting way off track here. This was a really good first half of a nice season finale.

  • What are the writers thinking?

    I cannot believe Clare had the nerve to go to Washington and then I can't believe he kisses her. And then Lucinda turns up. And then Kelly decides to go and tell Brandon how she really feels about him.
    I don't want Brenda to go to London but agree she is talented enough to go.
    Poor Andrea, Jesse and Hannah - although you know she's going to be fine - it's a TV show.
    I can't believe John Sears is back and then dating Celeste - she should be with Steve. And I don't like Ariel either. I feel sorry for Donna.