Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 32

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 25, 1994 on FOX

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  • My favorite BH 90210 episode, ever.

    What can I say? Other than:

    BRANDON AND KELLY!!! It's on!! At last. Any shippers of this couple will be pleased to know this is the episode where they finally sleep together and agree to be a couple. It's so sweet because the first part of this finale begins with Kelly confessing her feelings for Brandon to Andrea, who gives her blessing. It then goes on to show Brandon dreaming about two girls who want to sleep with him, making him realise that sex is meaningless without love - and who should come knocking on his door? The love of his life! Kelly and Brandon go for a walk around Washington, where Brandon is about to meet the President, and they contemplate taking their relationship to the next level. Luckily, it works out for them, and by the end of the episode, they are shown in bed, very happy together. And I could not have been more happy for them!! It's been a long time coming. I wanted them to get together since Kelly was shown to have feelings for him in the first season. I was never happy with her and Dylan, so I was glad she followed her heart to Washington and got together with Brandon.

    DYLAN AND BRENDA!! It's very bittersweet, because this is officially Brenda's last 90210 appearance - Shannen Doherty never returns, unfortunately. However, it is very fitting that the character spends her last moments on-screen with her ultimate love interest, Dylan. She assures him she will always love him, and asks him to give her something to come back to. They kiss, and we assume they sleep together.

    As one of many Kelly/Brandon and Dylan/Brenda fans, in spite of the very last episode, we all know in our heart of hearts that had both Walsh twins returned after their departures, Kelly and Dylan would have followed their hearts like they do in this episode, instead of settling once again for each other. I still don't believe Kelly/Dylan lasted, because their deepest loves were clearly for Brandon and Brenda. Anyway, this episode goes down for me as the best ever 90210 episode. I was thoroughly satisfied with it.
  • This season's finale wasn't all that great. All I can say is that Brandon and Kelly finally hook up, Donna finally sees David for the horny sleazeball he really is and that it's the last time we get to see Brenda's assymetrical face again.

    So yeah, this episode wasn't the greatest episode of 90210 in my opinion but it was good. Kelly basically saves Brandon's hide by arriving in Washington and they've been lusting over each for the past few episodes so it's no shocker when they finally do the nasty. I figured since Brenda had such a limited storyline all season, the script writers would finally decide to put her out of her misery as she is given the opportunity to study in London. It's obvious to everyone that this is a move to finally get Shannen Doherty and her character, Brenda off the show. Brenda spends one last night with Dylan before leaving for London.
    After being so suspiscious of Ariel, Donna learns that she has every reason to be suspiscious when she catches David and Ariel having sex in a limousine. Andrea and Jesse deal with being parents after the birth of their daughter Hannah, whatever. They might as well kick these two off the show as well, they are so damn boring. Overall, this episode was pretty decent.
  • Great episode, which leaves a big appetite for the next season.

    The only guy who's ever to say no to a girl is Brandon.

    Dylan and Brenda back together? So far only Brenda declared her love for him.

    I really couldn't believe they scammed Dylan. The woman didn't have any scruples at all. She didn't get nervous for one second. I wonder for how much he got scammed. But the message has to be delivered anyway. It just has to be.

    David kind of gets on my nerves a little. He's sexually frustrated, that's understandable, yet he's always and ever in a bad mood. I mean, think about it, when was the last time you saw him not being irritated.

    Donna must be brave right now. But eventually she has to give in. I mean she was ready to sleep with David, but then she promised her parents not to. What is she doing it for right now? Is it about the promise or is it about staying a virgin?

    I liked Steve being saved by the girls. He was the weaker competitor. Steve always makes bad decisions. He was fighting for the girl he loved, ok. But if it wasn't for his friends he would have lost.
  • Amazing Episode, very dramatic.

    I swear when Donna found David in the Limo with Ariel, I balled. It was so depressing. Who knew the only guy in the world who was sweet enough to wait for his girl friend to be ready, would turn out to be such a dog. I thought there was such thing as a decent guy, David changed that though.

    The best part of the episode was the ending, Brenda getting with Dylan, it was a great way to leave the show. And Kelly with Brandon, I thought it was an amazing ending.
  • Brandon, with Kelly in attendance, meets the president. Suzanne and Kevin skip town and make off with Dylan\'s money. Erica leaves a note in the bathroom of the airport. David cheats on Donna. Dylan kisses Brenda passionately before she leaves 90210.

    Brandon meets the president, yay! Kelly and Brandon get together, yay! It is awful how Dylan and Kevin sign the papers to seal their investment deal, at the bank, and then Kevin walks up to Suzanne\'s car and she lets it be known that it was all a scam. My heart broke for Dylan. Can\'t he ever catch a break? His girl is hooking up with \"Uncle Minnesota,\" he just lost his money and Brenda is leaving town. What an excellent start to Dylan\'s summer. I\'m glad that Erica was smart enough to know that something wasn\'t right. It was so good that she left a note in the bathroom, with Dylan\'s contact info, before the \"little family\" officially split for Brazil.
    Donna, Brenda and Celeste flashing John Sears in their colorful bras was so funny. The look on his face, before he fell in the mud pit, was priceless. I\'m glad Celeste saw the light and decided to spend more time with Steve.
    David cheating on Donna with that bimbo Ariel, and the way she found out about it, was awful. Her crying and being comforted by Brenda was touching and sweet. It was a nice goodbye for Brenda and Donna. I like how Donna told Brenda she loved her and that Brenda was her best friend.
    As a true Brenda and Dylan fan, I love the way the episode ends. However, why did it not happen earlier? We B&D fans were deprived of great B&D moments. I also wish Dylan had said more romantic things to Brenda. Why did she have to say all that stuff to him and all he could do was look down? That was a cheap cop-out. It makes me angry. I wish Brenda and Dylan had had more onscreen time. I take a little solace in the fact that they had at least one last night together before she departed for London. I wish she could have been there for Dylan in the wake of the loss of his money \'cause Kel-girl sure wasn\'t. The simple fact that Bren and Dylan shared a kiss in this episode makes it great for me.
  • Brenda's final episode - so sad she is gone!!!!

    I love that Brenda and Dylan are back together for one last night in this episode,
    I love their scene together.
    "I love you Dylan, I've never stopped loving you and I know now I never will"
    "I'll applaud you from a far"
    "I want more than your applause. I won't be gone forever Dylan, give me something to come back to."
    AHHHHH and he moves in for the kiss so great.
    Too bad it was her final episode I missed her so much after this
  • Suprises!

    I know that Brenda has to go to London because she was getting booted off the show and she had to go someplace, but I was really rooting for her and Dylan to get back together. I never liked him and Kelly together anyway; which is why I'm glad that she and Brandon hooked up. I remember from an earlier episode that Kelly confessed that she was attracted to Brand and Brandon "thought of her like a sister" -- not so much like a sister after they are shown together in bed, huh?
  • Brenda and Dylan!

    This episode was another great one for many reasons. Brandon got to meet the president, and ended up with Kelly – I am so glad to see him end up with a nice girlfriend for a change (neither Claire nor Lucinda were very nice people). Andrea felt she was able to leave Hannah, who by the way is very cute, alone at the hospital. Donna realises what a jerk David is (again). John Sears got what he deserved (thanks to the girls for flashing him). Steve and Celeste end up together again. But most importantly, the moment I have been waiting for: Brenda and Dylan kiss. (Although Brenda leaves for London and Dylan’s family is stealing from him this is one of my favourite episodes).