Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 16

My Desperate Valentine

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1991 on FOX

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    Emily is desperate to win Brandon back. Steve is impressed that Brandon let her down so easy and smoothly. Dylan and Brenda can't stop making out, and well... did I mention that Emily is very despearte? She is completely psychotic. She starts sending threats to the Blaze, calls Brandon at home and then hangs up, and even slashes her own tires to gain sympathy from Brandon. When things don't work out, she almost sets a homecoming float on fire. All in all, it's pretty rough-going for Brandon, who knows that she is bad news, but he's such a great guy, he can't fully end it with her to break her heart. All finally comes to and end thanks to Brenda and Dylan talking Emily into not setting the float on fire, and pointing out that Brandon would never turn his back on someone that needed his help. Brandon and Emily's relationship ends officially here, but it's clear that thare is something special there. MVC: Brandon (29)
  • Evil Emily!!!

    Good episode!! Emily is really starting to annoy me!! She has to deal that Brandon doesn't want to go out with her anymore! She sure knows how to stir it up!! First lieing to him so she can stay the night and go into his bed then wearing his t-shirt and all those phone calls. Steve was so funny when he answered and said it was the pizza place. lol. I can't believe everyone forgived Emily for ruining their float. I would of been pissed off!!
  • Emily goes phsycho and Dylan and Brenda reach an agreement

    I love that Brenda forces Dylan to realize that their relationship has turned completely sexual and they decide to do something "cultural"
    The other part of this episode that is great is that we find out here how many problems that Emily really has when she stalks Brandon and starts sending the hate mail