Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 10

Necessity Is a Mother

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1991 on FOX

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  • Necessity is this episode for 90210 fans

    If you're a fan of Dylan's journey on this series as I am, then this is a must-see episode. It's not a great episode, but it is very historical in terms of the whole Dylan saga. It was touched on in previous episodes, but with Dylan's father in jail, his looney-toon mother Iris has to be a guaradian. As a guy who is a loner to begin with, this just isn't sitting well with Dylan. He's also an alcoholic, and this is driving him to completely fall off the wagon. When he shows up to school drunk, and then leaves right away, it's of course Brandon that is there for him. It's their friendship that makes this show what it is. Anyway, Brandon makes sure he doesn't drive, and takes him to the pool hall, where he had won a bunch of money from some guy named Falcone the night before. This time he isn't that fortunate and when he reveals that he can't pay off his debt, Falcone and his thugs proceed to work Dylan over. Everything finally comes to a head with Iris at the Walsh house. Iris now realizes that she is one of Dylan's big problems, and that the best thing she can do is give Dylan his freedom. She sets the stage, by taking millions of dollars that Jack had given her to stay away, and setting up a trust for Dylan, with Jim Walsh watching over it. This sets Dylan up to be a multi-millionare and set the stage for many episodes in later seasons. The episode ends with Brandon taking Dylan to AA just as Dylan did for him in BYOB in Season 1. Really solid episode that sets the foundation for much of what Dylan ends up doing in future episodes. MVC: Brandon (26), and Dylan (13)