Beverly Hills 90210

Season 10 Episode 28

Ode to Joy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2000 on FOX

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  • An excellent finale

    While the bachelor/bachelorette parties were clever and the wedding ceremony was well done, as a longtime fan of the show the beginning and ending scenes were the best. The group high five / hug at the end, with the show's theme playing in the background, is a definite heartstring tugger. But I especially enjoyed the first scene, in which Donna asks Nat to walk her down the aisle. I can't think of a nicer thing in the 10 years of the show than when she tells him "you've been like a second father to me". It's good to see nice guys get the recognition they deserve once in a while.
  • Teared up at the last scene...

    Sorry, but when the guys all high give each other at the end of the show, I just get weepy. Yes, Donna's cleavage is disgusting and Andrea is a total bore, the wedding is really sweet in the way it brings everyone together one last time. The assumption of a "forever?" union between Kelly and Dylan is cool, but even better is the assumption that these remaining 90210 friends will be together for many years to come. Not sure why I am so drawn to this show, but I tape all week and watch all weekend. I used to think it was my Luke Perry obsession, but maybe it's more.
  • Grateful for the DVD!!!

    I was 34 yrs old when this show which I loved from the beginning ended and taped it on my VCR but lost it, so now Im grateful for the dvds especially seasons 9-10 as I was busy working at that time. Now I can relive all the BH 90210 that I want without the commerials and Iam grateful. Loved loved the last episode it was great & even greater its on DVD as is the rest of the seasons!!!! Love it!!!
  • A Great Ending!

    I watched all season long waiting for Kelly and Dylan to realize they should be together and it took almost all of the last episode for the two to realize it. I was happy with the way this episode ended. All of the friends excluding the two main characters from the original cast. One quick thing that I think was badly done is Brandon not showing up at the wedding. Why did he send in a video instead of showing up in person? Well anyways I was just happy to see Kelly and Dylan get together so all ended very well!
  • Joke.

    Complete let down. Why was the entire show about David and Donna's wedding? That's all it was. About a half an hour was spent on their corny vows, when only 5 episodes prior David was dating Camille. It was sickening. Give me a break. This show was about more than just the two of them. If you ask me, they were one of the less interesting aspects of the show. And how cheap is it that Brandon didn't even show up? It would have made the Kelly/Dylan/Matt love triangle even more interesting... I mean who sends a tape of themself to a bachelor/bachelorette party? Give me a break. What about Brenda? Claire? Gina? I mean, throw in some curve balls. There was just so much more to the show that was interesting, and I think the entire final episode revolved around Donna... Tori Spelling... for obvious reasons. Total joke.
  • This is exactly why I never watch the last two seasons.

    All I can classify this episode as, is the series finale. That's it. It's not great enough to be a 'series classic', it's not exciting enough to be a 'special episode'.

    So... David and Donna end up together. Great. (Note my sarcasm here.) I never really cared about this couple enough to care about them ending up together. From what I remember, David cheated on Donna back in the season 4 finale. And she took him back. And they kept seeing other people, etc. So what? Why have the very last episode be about these two?

    BH 90210 was supposed to be about the Walsh family moving from Minnesota to Beverly Hills and making all these new friends there. I thought that was the whole point. Having the Walsh family not actually be there in person is like... not having Buffy Summers in the Buffy Series Finale, as far as I'm concerned. They started the show, they should've concluded it.

    Now, onto Dylan and Kelly... BIG whatever to that. This couple never worked to begin with. So do the writers want a medal for revisiting that old ground? Just because Jason left and Luke came back? Where's the continuity?? Kelly chose Brandon once and for all in The Long Goodbye. Have they totally forgotten about that??? Just because Brandon leaves, doesn't mean the writers shouldn't have Kelly go after him at the end. And doesn't mean Dylan should choose Kelly because Brenda's in London either.

    The show majorly jumped the shark with the Season 8 marriage-that-didn't-happen. 90210 was overall a great show, but it only worked when Brandon and Kelly were a couple, and Dylan and Brenda were a couple. From what I can tell, at least 90% of the true fans are in an agreement that these couples should've been endgame. It's like the writers just didn't care anymore and were punishing the couples because Brandon and Brenda had left and Dylan came back.

    So... Season 4, forever my favorite season. The show died when Brandon/Kelly was ruined in Season 8. A real shame.
  • The end of the greatest teen show ever!

    I loved this episode. It was the perfect end to Beverly Hills 90210. The only thing that I didn't like was that Kelly and Dylan got together. I thought that Kelly should have ended up with Brandon. But I guess I will have to get over since they were supposedly meant to be together. The best part of this episode was David and Donna's wedding. I have been a huge David and Donna fan all through out the show. They were truely meant to be together. The wedding was perfect. Their wedding song was perfect for them. I also liked the fact that Valerie and Andrea came back even though I never liked Andrea. I just wished that Brandon could have came back. But overall this was an incredible episode of Beverly Hills 90210.
  • An end of an era!

    I just saw this episode recently and I have to admit it was a pretty good ending after 10 years. It felt like an end of an era.

    I love Donna and David. I have loved Donna and David since she kissed him at the Christmas dance at West Beverly. I think it was fitting that their marriage ended the show. It was as if they’d come full circle. I didn’t care for the Dylan, Kelly reunion. It felt forced. It would have been nice if in the end Kelly Taylor still chose herself.

    It was nice to see Val and Andrea. It would have been nicer if more of the original cast came back. The Brandon video was lame. I sorta of think it would’ve been better if he didn’t show up at all.

    I have to be honest, it made me a little misty. And when the episode first aired, although I had stopped watching 90210, I rearranged my schedule to be home to see it (ah, the days before dvr…). All in All in was a good end.
  • Um it was a good episode, could\'ve been better though.

    It was a good episode, but it could\'ve been ALOT better. First- The lack of main characters. When I say main characters, I mean the characters who gave the show flight like Brenda, Brandon, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. Brandon being in a video was nice, but it didn\'t have much of an impact. Brenda was a no show, I guess plane tickets from London to Los Angeles are that expensive. I would\'ve at least thought that Jim and Cindy would\'ve been there, but I wasn\'t really suprised when I didn\'t see them. Back to Brenda/Shannen- Why wasn\'t she there? You know, I would\'ve liked to AT LEAST seen her in video like Brandon. I\'m only harder on Brandon because Jason Priestly works on the show and could\'ve at least been at the wedding.

    Second- Dylan and Kelly. I always hated them. Always have, always will. They\'re relationship will never last. Heck, they probably broke up a week later and Dylan went crawling back to Brenda. I don\'t know why the writers brought back they\'re trainwreck of a relationship back on the railroad. They make Dylan and Kelly get back together, sleep together, fight, then break up! Then they make Dylan go back to Brenda. Kelly should\'ve just went back to Brandon, they could\'ve said Kelly was moving to Washington to be with Brandon and Dylan was going to go to London to be with Brenda. The end, a happy ending. Lol.

    Third and Final, the Good Part of the Episode- Donna and David finally tying the knot. I was happy with this part. They were my favorite couple. Through all the things they went through, they wound up together. I\'m truly happy with this ending of a 10 year run.

    Okay hoped you liked my review. Well okay..byee! :-)
  • It was pretty good but...

    I was really disappointed with the Kelly/Dylan relationship. I believe that dylan was meant to be with brenda and kelly was meant to be with brandon. I didn't find the whole Kelly/Dylan storyline very realistic because they were always unable to last. I really wanted Brandon and Brenda to return, just for this final episode, so that dylan and brenda could have been together, and brandon and kelly could have been together. It always seemed like dylan was always brought back to brenda, it should have ended that way. I think Brandon and kelly make a really cute couple and she was totally into him since the first season. I thought it was cute that donna and david got married, just the kelly/dylan thing bothered me.
  • Huge Let Down

    How could such an important show to my generation come up with such a disappointing final episode? I guess it was obvious by the final 2-3 seasons that 90210 had lost something. But they had a golden opportunity to redeem themselves with the series finale.

    To me the biggest letdown came from the lack of former cast members who returned for the last episode. The fact that Jason Priestley was only shown via tape-recorded message was a flat out insult. He was the main character on this show for years, and produced many episodes. If it meant putting the taping of this episode on hold for a while until Priestley could find time to show up, then that should have been done.

    The next most glaring omission was Shannon Doherty. Now everyone knows of the problems Shannon had with everyone involved with this show. But the truth be told, her Priestley, and Luke Perry were the only reasons why this show was such an immediate hit. I couldn’t think of a better moment for the series finale to have everyone getting ready at the Walsh House only to have the doorbell ring and have Brandon, Brenda, and Mr. & Mrs. Walsh standing there.

    It wasn’t just all the Walsh’s that were missing but so was Kathleen Robertson (Clare) and Vanessa Marcil (Gina). And even the characters that did return like Tiffani Thiessen and original cast member Gabrielle Carteris didn’t get nearly enough time on camera to make any sort of impact.

    I truly wish that the writers and producers could go back in time and re-do this episode and include all the characters that gave this show it true meaning: friendship.
  • One of my few favorites! Think they will come back with a episode special reunion kind of thing? I sure hope so!!

    This episode "Ode To Joy" was GREAT! Sad but great.I have watched this show since it's premier episode,I miss it terrible,after watching it that many years and watching them once a week,kinds makes them feel like they are friends or family members.I hope to have this entire collection on dvd one day.Lets keep our fingers crossed that one day it will atleast come back for one reunion like episode.This show had awesome ratings,so why did they end it,it sux's that they did!

    I love that D&D married in this episode, but I hate that Dylan and Kelly get back together, I was never a fan of theirs so them getting back together was like "oh great" for me.
    But seeing D&D go full cirlce and finally marry after 10 yrs was great, they deserved to be married on the final show. I like the video clip with brandon too, it was too bad Shannen didnt reprise the role of Brenda for this ep, it was rumored that she was going to come back for the finale, but when she was told there wasn't going to be a back story for her character she backed out, it would have been weird if she was all of a sudden back and there was no talk about what she had been doing for the past 6 yrs.