Beverly Hills 90210

Season 6 Episode 10

One Wedding and a Funeral

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1995 on FOX

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  • Luke Perry lookin HOT in his SUIT!!!!

    I like this episode although sad at the end, I have to admit the private wedding at the beach was beautiful!!!!! Luke looked sooo good in his suit, but then he leaves for three seasons, but I love the first part more than the ending!!!!
  • Season 6, Episode 10.

    The guys kidnap Dylan for his bachelor party, boring him to death...yet saving his life. Meanwhile, the girls throw a much wilder time for bride-to-be Toni. Toni's father refuses to walk her down the aisle, so Bruno does the honor. Dylan did so much for Toni! It was so cute! I never knew Beverly Hills, 90210 was so dramatic... She got shot in the car, most likely in the head... Wow. Very dramatic... Poor Dylan! :( Pretty sad, too. :( Pretty freakin' entertaining, though. Toni's father is such a douche! This episode seems like it jumped the shark a little. Fun to watch, though.
  • Dylan and Toni get married. Then the next day her father buts a hit out on Dylan but then kills Toni by accident. Also Luke Perry's last episode of 90210 until season 9.

    This is my favorite episode of 90210 ever. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. Everytime I watch it I cry hysterically and can not stop crying. Deffinatly one of the best episodes of 90210 ever. All of the actors did incredible in this episode. This episode was a good way for Luke Perry to leave the show. I also liked the fact that at the end Toni's dad saw that what he does is wrong and that now he has lost his daughter by trying to protect her from Dylan and ended up ruining his life.
  • Dylan gets married and then his wife is killed by her father's men, when dylan was the one intended to be killed

    OMG what a tearjerker, I cried so hard during this episode. It was such a good episode seeing Dylan get married to Toni, getting the telegram from Jim and Cindy and also Brenda, watching Brandon talk to susan about the people in his life that have moved away, first his sister Brenda, then Andrea, his parents and now dylan that was good.
    Watching Dylan clutch his dead wife's body as he screamed, "Look what they did to her Brandon" was soo soo soo sad. As many times as I have seen this episode (too many to count)I still cry every time!!!!
  • Could watch this over again!

    For me, this is the saddest episode that they had ever done. Toni Marchette had an interesting introduction into the series, and then and even better exit. You fall in love with her along with Dylan, and the writers rip your heart out when she gets the bullets meant for her newlywedded husband. Superbly well done, and you get to see Luke Perry acting!
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