Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 24

Perfectly Perfect

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1993 on FOX

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  • Kelly gets hooked on diet pills and lashes out at those that care about her

    Sorry, but this episode for me marks yet another Kelly being "Holier than thou" installment.
    She starts off by pretending she doesn't want anyone to care about her birthday and then freak when she can't find a shoe. After she passes out in the bathroom and taken to the hospital I felt for her - until Brenda enters her room.
    When she makes the comment "looks like I'm gonna live so you can't have Dylan back" to Brenda (tho I am not sure she said that exactly) I wanted to slap her.
    This episode along with many others shows the true person Kelly Taylor is. She was afraid Dylan wasn't attracted to her and started taking pills to make herself more desirable and then lashes out at him for worrying about her. Not to mention she is completely awful to Brenda even though Bren shows her complete compassion in the hospital. I don't blame Brenda for asking Kelly if she was trying to punish herself for taking Dylan - yet all Kelly can think of is one-upping Brenda - hence the "Looks like I'm gonna live" comment. If we already didn't know Kelly was one of the most selfish characters on the show - this ep definitely sheds some light.
  • Glamour Girl Kelly Taylor's life is currenty spiraling out of control with her step father having been unfaithful Jackie kicked him out and refuses to ask him for help so with no income and four mouths to feed jackie decides to sell the house she diets

    Kelly is upset her mom is going to sell the house because there is no income since Mel left and she refuses to ask him for any help she has four mouths to feed so kelly starts to misuse diet pills experiencing mood swings ruining sales for the house and she ends up at the hospital on her 18th birthday for starvation and ends up having to join some group why Kelly Taylor drama's very own addict Steve and Brandon go on a game show and compete for the affections of a girl named Celeste who steve ends up with
  • Poor Kelly

    I felt sorry for Kelly, on the diet pills but thought it was extremely rude of her to yell at the people who came to view the house - although I would be annoyed too if someone was looking through my stuff.
    I thought the story line with Steve and Brandon on the game show was funny but I would have thought that Celeste would have chosen Brandon. I'm glad though that Steve knew what was important and made it to Kelly's party. I think that there might be a thaw in the rift between Kelly and Brenda after their talk in the hospital.