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  • my favorite show of all time!

    i love this show it is my favorite show, i especially love seasons 5 to 9. I was born in the 90's so i didn't get to watch the show when it first came out, but i do watch all the re-runs on soapnet. i don't really watch the soaps that are on right now, because i don't think that they can compare to 90210. it is such a great show. some of my favorite episodes are "Hazardous to Your Health" in season 5, and "One Wedding and a Funeral" in season 6, and my favorite characters are valerie and david.
  • I admit it . . . I didn't miss an episode for the first 4 years!

    But after that, the the show got really lame. When Shannon left, it seriously tanked. I mean, who cares about them once they're old enough to receive AARP benefits. Ok, well they weren't that old at the end, but a lot of the original cast members had left, and so did I. When it first premiered, though, it was a phenomenon. The Brendan and Dylan saga was like, Jen and Ben, or Brangelina but on TV. And when Kelly made out with Dylan in the pool, that was the ultimate betrayal. Listen to me, I sound like a groupie, well, I totally was!

    My favourite t.v. show ever!
    I keep my fingers crossed for a 90210 reunion!!
    It would be great to watch how the characters have grown.
    I wish all the original cast members will do it!
    But i think that something like that is unlikely to happen now that Aaron Spelling has passed away!But i keep on dreaming!
  • The best show ever made! Thank you Darren Star and Aaron Spelling.

    Beverly Hills 90210 is in my opinion the greatest show that has ever graced the airways. The choice of characters was amazing, the setting was perfect, and the story lines were superb, everything about the show was spot on, A+. Just think there has been drug use, peer pressure, eating disorders, rapes, physical abuse, and suicide, the miscarriage, being burnt in a fire, being shot, the break ups, and make ups. All situations that young people can find themselves in as teenagers, it helps to see how other people deal with these things. Even though it was fictional, it still had an impact in the lives of teenagers everywhere. I know from a fact, because it kept me out of trouble, as it did some really good friends of mine. We stayed away from a lot of situations because we saw what it could do to us. I couldn't wait for Wednesday nights, it was the highlight of my week, and it wasn't only me. My whole class loved it, even though there were only six of us. Beverly Hills 90210 on a scale from 1-10 is about a 100 on my list.
  • An entertaining drama that's unique and probably unmatched.

    This show went on for a decade. It's a pretty good show. The OC feels like a clone of Beverly Hills 90210 and fails to match its quality. Luke Perry and Jason Priestley became icons because of this show. The high school thing was fun to watch. The drama doesn't get too deep, the original characters were the magnets of the show. The thing that I didn't like with the show was that the casts didn't stay together. That's understable since actors to get other jobs eventually. But I feel that this show works, it's entertaining, it's not as bad as the OC.
  • Great show! Absolutely great!

    I absolutely loved this show when I was younger. I remember watching all the new episodes with my brothers and my mother and it was like a family night type deal. Anyway as I got older I slowly stopped watching it, and I ended up missing the series finale, but I have seen it and I absolutely loved it. Donna looked so beautiful and I was definitely happy that the two ended up together because they were definitely soulmates. This show was a great show that paved the way for teen soaps such as One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, and the OC.
  • A teen drama about life in Beverly Hills, dealing with everything from teen parenting to child abuse.

    In the beginning, Beverly Hills, 90210 was amazing. It dealt with issues teens were facing. You felt the characters were people you knew. After all of the original cast members (Shannon Doherty, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry) left, the drama then was left limp. What was there to run off?
    It might have gone down hill, but it is still one of my favorite shows. I tune in anytime it's re-played on television.
  • Suprisingly good.

    When Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted on FOX, I was 4 years old. When it ended, I was 14. So naturally, I never saw it. I heard about it, of course, but it just never interested me. So when I saw that reruns were starting and I needed a new show to watch, I thought I would give it a try.

    At first the show seemed very preachy, after school special to me, but that didn't last long and by the 2nd season, it was all about the drama, which I love in a tv show. I am now almost to season 4 and it's getting better and better.

    If you like Dawson's Creek, The OC,etc....try BH 90210. It's the ultimate in guilty pleasure TV.
  • Completely unrealistic, but hey, isn't that why we loved it?

    I was never allowed to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 when I was growing up, so the few times that I got to watch at a friend's house made it that much more exciting. There was nothing truly realistic about the experiences that the characters had on this show. But, that is why we loved it. We felt like we were getting a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous, no matter how contrived or ridiculous the situation. The latter episodes were definitely my favorite. The drama seemed more fitting as they aged, is still somewhat unbelievable.
    The cast of characters really did cover the full range of personalities one might find in an actual high school, from David Silver, the token rockstar wanna be, to Andrea Zucker, the complete over acheiving nerd who never really seemed to fit in. It was always amazing to me that some many different personalities could get along and be friends for life, but hey. that's tv.
    It wasn't the best show on television, but it did have something going for it - escapism. No matter how bad things seemed to be at home, we could always tune in to 90210 and know that their problems would be so much worse.
  • This show is about teenagers going to school, having job and having relationships and dealing with whatever is thrown at them. It is like the modern day show The O.C. But 100000 times better!

    This show is awesome every single episode has something new and interesting to deal with. my personal fave episode is episode 1 . 14 east side I think it is called. I love the entire cast 2 they just make the show what it is, if you havent seen this show I suggest that you see it. It is hip and fun and I think anyone of any age would love this show. The parents of the twins Brenda and Brandon are also really cute and it is a great show to watch with parents... some flip out about the stupidest stuf u know what I am saying... Overall this show is awesome.
  • Years have passed, i saw this show when i was a child, didnt get it that much, nut my mom liked it.

    Now that im seeing it again, as an adult, i kinda get confused in small details, like......arent they to old to be in H.S.???
    Or On how do they get to work FT, to party on big and even go to strip clubs...have sex like nothing were bad.(teenager)
    But i only like how do they share all those experiences they live and that somehow i lived on my teenage life. Men no i notice that there were to many episodes i didnt saw. Cant wait for them.
  • Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older.

    Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.
    Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.
  • Welcome to 90210, where all your problems are solved in an hour.

    Ah, the early days of BH 90210.
    Bedore they turned to their soap opera style antics, I watched 90210 religiously. The first fifteen minutes would introduce some scenario. Sometimes light-hearted and sometimes very dramatic, but always something new and usually laughable.
    Introduce a new guy, give him AIDS, and never mention him again...that kind of stuff. Toying with the idea of reality, but quickly sweeping it back under the rug.
    Every fan of the show has their favorite characters, plots, ect. For me, I loved Valerie. When she sat in the room that used to house goody-two-shoes Brenda, and pulled out the joint...I knew we were in for some interesting plot lines ahead.
  • Almost every show base their formula on this show.

    Ah, I was so young when this show started, and it was geared towards older people than myself at that time. But I loved it so I snuck the show under my parent's radar.

    How can you not have this as a guilty pleasure? It has drama, love, backstabbing, love triangle - and all lasted for ten or eleven years.

    Though they had so many revolving characters, the true regulars stayed on and grew up on screen in front of our eyes. We must have had favourite characters and watched, cheered and supported their choices. I have to say, though they repeated and recycled some story plots, overall it was an enjoyment to watch those people grow up with us.

    My favourite couple was Kelly and Dylan, and I felt that they belonged together, and finally when the show ended, they were back together again. True Aaron Spelling style, he left the show with a high note.
  • Really why?!?!? WHY??? It is an awful series

    I can't really say why it took me so long to realize how horrible this show was. In my defence i'd say there wasn't anything else to watch (but you can understand that is just an excuse). I honestly don't know why i watched this show, but then i can tell it helped me to recognize other useless and diseducative shows like this one (i'm talking about Dawson's Creek). I stopped watching it when i realized the main plot had the only purpose to rotate the relationships among male and female characters (except for those ones whose actors left the show!).
    I truly believe "drama" doesn't mean trashy and surreal stories that makes incredibly complicated the lives of the characters...for this same reason i stopped watching other promising series: even though they started differently, in a very good way, they've taken the wrong direction (like "The O.C.")!
  • this show was awesome and its sad to say but im still obsessed.

    this show was soooo awesome. i watch it everyday on soapnet(i dont tell my friends i watch soapnet) and its funny because sometimes i act like ive never seen these episode before but really i have. my favorite character has to be valerie malone. she was evil but di have a soft side. shes freakin hott too, that is a definite plus. the only thing i was unhappy about pertaining to the show was the finale- i kind of wished brandon came back to be with kelly and brenda came back to be with dylan. i kind of feel that val should of ended up with someone. who cares though, this show is a classic and will always be awesome.
  • Best.

    I really liked it. It was very long, but still intersting to watch. The actors were superb and all the love and friendship stuff were very educational and taught me very much. My favourite characters were Valerie as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and David as Brian Austin Green.
    I liked everything, but also, it has had its time. Its sad, but everything has to end.
  • One of the best shows ever!

    Beverly Hills 90210 was one of the best shows on television. It had everything, boys, sex, drama, and the love of your best friends.

    Dylan and Brenda were my favorite couple while Shannen was on, but that later changed to Kelly and Brandon. David and Donna were the heart of the show, and I've always loved it.

    90210 deserves to be in the hall of fame.
  • This soap opera followed the same core group of teens from frosh in high school, through after college. Others came and went, but the nucleus was tight. You name it, they covered it, suicide, first loves, jealousy, pregnancy, all done tastefully, and ent

    This is one show that I KNOW cannot come back. They are too old, and the premise is just not the same now. That being put out there, I will continue to watch all the reruns I can, faithfully. These people came into my life, and at first, I kept them a secret. My group of friends was too "hard core" for this show. and I wouldve been mocked to death. Over time though, I admitted to my group that I had a secret, and let the cat outta the bag, what a relief. I followed this show from episode one, until the finale, when David and Donna get married, I had to be carried outta the room, crying and kicking at the walls, shouting"dont really leave..." Nah, but I will always miss Brandon, Steve, David, Kelly, Brenda, Donna, Andrea, the peach pit, all the parents and their issues, and everyone else from Beverly Hills. Donnas chastity, was a refreshing plotline, when all the other youngsters were taking it there, she held out, thats a positive message packaged in a hip show. The writers let Donna grow up, they just didnt let her slough off her morals, and put out. Then white bread David developed that nasty pain pill addiction, coupled with his meth habit, and all the gang had to rally around him, which they did, It took a firm hand, and tough love, but he emerged from his addiction. The bottom line being, that this show had a positive message, but they never force fed it to you, instead, they packaged it neatly, and let us open it on our own each episode.
  • It\\\\\\\'s about a bunch of spoiled rich kids in Beverly Hills (not that anybody cares).There breast cancer scares, hit and run accidents, gambling problems, and attempted suicides. The fabolous actors such as Shannen Doherty, Hillary Swank, and Tiffani

    I laughed at most of the horrible acting. The only time i watched was when Grant Show guest starred and when Tiffani Thiessen and Vanessa Marcil joined the cast. Who cares about all the drama @ West Beverly, most of us experienced it in our own high school and lives...unfortunately
  • Coolness!

    I lov this freakin' awsome show!!It is so cool with the Drama and the spunky attitude.Did i mention hilrouos!I wacth reruns everyday!My favorite charecter is Donna who is played by the beutitful Tori Spelling.I love the actors and the actresses!They make it seem so real!Dude like give this show a ten.
  • The first show aimed at showing the ups and downs of teenage life, BH 90210 began as a fish-out-of-water story about mid-western teens transplanted to Beverly Hills, and the group of friends they made. It went on to show their ups, downs, and various lif

    Beverly Hills 90210 was the first of the teen soap operas. At first, it suffered from being overly preachy, but soon found its voice in showing the highs and lows of teenage and young adult life. While most of the characters came from wealth & priviledge, it was clear that not all problems could be solved by throwing money at them.

    The show begins as freshmen twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh leave their mid-western home and prepare for high school and a new life in Beverly Hills. While the Beverly Hills group they hang with teach them about style and life in the big city, the Walshes teach them about the importance of support from a solid family. The Walsh parents served as a sounding board for the entire group in the early years of the show.

    It had plenty of detractors along the way, but a ten-year run proves the show had plenty to offer to viewers. And, it continues to enjoy popularity in reruns today.
  • I wanted to be apart of that group.

    When I was growing up 90210 was the show to watch.
    I even collected the cards, had T-shirts, pencils and rulers!
    I wanted to be apart of that group because they were so cool and Brendan was so HOT!
    Towards the end of the series I did loose interest mostly because the original characters were gone and new ones were coming in.
  • I loved this show....I watched it faithfully for the entire time it aired. I have never enjoyed a series as much since. I was sad to see it end.

    I think the show was awsome...I related it so much to the real going ons of life. The show targeted facts of what teens and younge adults go through. I think each season got better and better I wish the re runs would come on tv cause i would definatly watch it again.
  • The growing pains of the kids of Beverly Hills. Typical kids with a high priced zip code, whom we could all relate to.

    These were your ordinary, every day teens. Spoiled, selfish, scared, insecure, self-reliant. They were us. They did the things we did, with pricier cars, clothes, and accessories. They fell in love. Had painful breakups. Cheated and were cheated on. Went through deaths, births, weddings, divorces, bad reputations, goody-too-shoe reps, addictions, obsessions, withdrawals, stalkers. They saw life the way we did. And those of us lucky enough to actually be the same age as the characters could relate to life's little, and big, ups and downs. Although it stalled out a bit during the college years, seeing them grow with the uncertainy of adulthood after college graduation more they made up for it!
  • Beverly Hills 90210 is my favorite show on TV of all time.

    I feel the show is very realistic and feel i can relate to many of the situations that occured on the show. I still watch the re-runs religiously....its pretty sick. I think that most of the sctors on the show are pretty decent for that type of show. My favorite characters were Kelly and Brandon. I thought they made the best couple and I was upset when they didnt get married. I also like Dylan and Brenda together. And of course David and Donna. I enjoyed watching Kelly and Valerie fight. I liked Claire a lot, I loved Claire and Steve together. Overall I feel this was a very fullfilling show.
  • Love it :p

    I can't provide a proper review since I was 3 when the show began and 13 when it finished - I didn't even know the show existed up until I became a huge fan of Shannen's!
    Even now i've only seen Season 4 and some of Seasons 3 and 5 and the finale/reunion. I've also got the pilot.I couldn't watch the show after Shannen left, it just didn't seem right. I will say one thing though, the show was great and having great ratings up until Shannen Doherty left. Ok, there was controversy and Shannen got the bad deal - but you can't fault Shannen's acting, she's one of the best actresses out there, she made Brenda come to life and Beverly Hills just wasn't the same when she left.
    From what i've seen, it really is fantastic show. Okay, the fahion doesn't really fit anymore but other than that I love it. They dealt with real issues very well and dealt with them sensitively. It just kinda worked. It's just a shame that there hasn't been any official dvd release of any of the seasons, i'm sure they'd sell like hot cakes - i'd certainly get Seasons 1 through 4 for sure!
  • I Love it! Is from sweden and watch it every day ! well, I realy like it, I do! I se it everly day, can't get enough of it! have seen the whole season many times, it's the best!

    i,m from sweden and i'm only 13 yers old, so my english is not the best. well, i try. i think this 10 season is great! when donna and david fall in love at the end, they were soo sweet! and it was good that dylan came back! but brenda and brandon should not have moved. but, i'm going to continue watch.
  • One of the best dramas.......

    I've been watching it since I was about 8 off and on and when I found out SOAPNET was showing repeats....It was a wrap. I now DVR it daily. Great show. I always say every male has that drama show that they love and this is it for me. I still have yet to see the spin off shows with Melrose Place, but I will. I am going to wait until SOAPNET starts MP from the start again. I admit I do not tell friends I watch this show but I know they see it on my DVR when we are about to watch other shows. Give it a shot. Drama, a lil bit of comedy, and good twist.
  • Great start, disappointing ending!!

    The show was truly over for me once Brandon went off of the show. With the last remaining Walsh character finally gone, the storyline became unrealistic. Even the return of Dylan, in my opinion, made it worse because he and Brenda were just destined to be together. Why would he leave her in London after about 2 years to return to BH and most importantly, Kelly? I just never understood why in the end the writers tried to make it seem like Dylan and Kelly had such a special relationship. Please! When they were so-called together, they spent half of the time fighting or separated. No comparison to what he and Brenda shared in the beginning, not to mention those endearing moments before her untimely departure.
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