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  • Hot boys , pretty girls, your typical California life, or so we think...

    this is the best show i have ever seen ! even though it is over and started before i was born . it now shows on SOAPNET daily! they also show it on saturdays (three episodes) so if u missed any earlier episodes or whatever, but it ROCKS ! even the reunion episode makes you cry .. i wish that they would make another show and it would continue the show's plotline with the characters and what they are doing now (in the show). The guys on the show are SO unbelievably gorgeous! Please do something more with the show. This show has affected the lives and actions of so many people. Every person who made up this show, is truly amazing.
  • Great show.

    This is probably the best series of the 1990s, which basically deals with every problem teenagers get to face from starting at Junior High to graduating Univeristy.

    Standing by one another through times of sorrow and joy, we get to see teenagers who live lives very closely to lives of ordinary teenagers.

    The main difference is the setting or environment. These series takes place in the wealthy Beverly Hills.

    But living in fashionable surroundings and rich beyond comprehension does not necessarily lead to happiness. Although priviliged, they go through the same daily problems an ordinary teen of a blue-collar family faces.

  • Why did this ever go off the air?

    Why did this show seriously ever go off the air? It was wonderful from the bff's to the boyfriend swapping to the over all indulgence of money & youth. This show was never boring. I think that Val & David were the best couple ever. I think Brandon & Kelly were wonderful together as well. I love this show if you know Aaron spelling tell him I want this show back A.S.A.p
  • 90210 defined 90's TV. It set a trend of shows such as Melrose Place, Party Of Five, Models, Inc, etc. It was for a new generation of teens who were influence by the characters, and for older generations who needs there Dallas, and Dynasty fix.

    Beverly Hills 90210! What can I say. It's a true trendsetter. This show defined teen television. Any one hour teen drama out there will eventually get compared to Beverly Hills, 90210. Aaron Spelling has outdone himself.
    Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in 1990 focusing around a group for highschools who go to West Beverly High. The school lasted 10 seasons with such memorable characters such as Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Valerie, and Andrea.
    Being Canadian, I don't get 90210 in synication. We NEED 90210 on DVD!! This is gotta be the top request for a TV boxset right now. It's not about the money Mr. Spelling. It's about the generation of people who grew up on this show, and what to relive the moments again and again. Please sign the right over to have it on DVD!
  • Follow the trials and tribulations of poor little rich kids and one know it all.

    It boggles the mind that such a poorly written show with such terrible acting could have lasted so long. The inane story lines were more than I could bear. This show helped my grades in college, I had to have something to do while my roommates watched. I tried for a full semester to "get into the show" but after 3 months, I just couldn't take anymore of this nonsense. At least they could have hired tolerable actors.

  • This show may have been before my time but is still like to watch it.

    In my books this was one of the greatest shows of all time and it was a shame that it finished. Now days I will wake up at four in the morning especially to watch an episode of this great 90’s show. This show is one of my personal favorites and has been around a long time even before I was born but to me that doesn’t matter it is still one of my favorite shows and will be for a very long time. I think that some of the happy, sad and anxious moments should go down in history because this is one truly great show.
  • heey from a Big fan from denmark!! Just love that show!

    Hi.... i'm a girl in the age of 14, from denmark... the show has bin on air since 1990 in denmark and it's still in our favorite list in the biggest teen magasine,... and the bedst thing is tharts it's still going again and again on telly... i just love that show!!! really... couldn't live whitout it!! fellls like i know the persons... just really love it..! and kelly is my favorite person, i just think that her and brenden would be perfeckt together....

    Love from Denmark, Laura Sørensen
  • 90210 DVD please.

    Beverly Hills 90210... will someone put this show on DVD already. I mean come on it is no longer airing on TV, so what are they waiting for? I actually heard that there are currently no plans for making a 90210 DVD set. Isn't that unbelievable? I mean don't these people realize how much more money they can make by releasing these DVDs? They have Trading Spaces on DVD for goodness sakes.

    Huh... well I guess I'm just missing the gang. I grew up with this show and I haven't seen it in years. If it ever does come to DVD... it is so mine.
  • Best show that ever hit television. I grew up with this show.

    This show helpe me out it was like if I had a problem or feeling down I could watch this show and feel better. It was my comfort show of the 90s. I loved season 1 through 8 the best. 9 and 10 were kinda rocky loosing it's touch but didn't keep me from tuning in every Wednesday. I hope some day it hits DVD. I don't have soapnet and I really do miss this show. I may not get to see it but it will always remain a favorite tv show of mine.
  • One of the best shows ever. Fox has never been the same since this show ended. I love the whole gang my favorite couples were David and Donna & Dylan and Kelly.

    90210 was one of the best ever. This was my favorite show. I watched this show for all ten years when this show started I was only six years old. When the show ended I was six teen years old. I liked the whole gang but the two characters I could live without were Brenda and Valarie. My favorite couple is Donna and David
  • Brilliant

    This show is briliant and though there have been many teen dramas since none have ever been able to keep me as entertained as this one has. From the first episode I watched when the twins arrive from Minesota to David and Donna's wedding I loved every minute. Whether I was rooting for Dylan and Brenda to get back together, wishing I could be as pretty as Kelly or hoping Brandon would dump his current girl and realise he was so much better than them I loved all the characters. No teen drama will ever replace this one - a true classic from Aaron Spelling.
  • I watch this show on SoapNet every day!

    I watch this show on SoapNet every day! It amazes me all the show covered in its time. The plot lines were amazing and the characters were likeable (with a few exceptions). There were a few episodes that left a lot to be desired, but for the most part I love this show and watching it every day is a MUST!
  • I would like for you to bring 90210 back.Because it help me back then and it could help a lot of other people just like me. From the first show to the last I give a 10 because you can't find show like 90210 any more so that is why

    I love 90210 ! And I just wish you could play all the show again.90210 helped me deal with alot of things I was going throug and it would be nice to see all the show all over again. I stard looking at the show when I was 15 years old
    from the first show to the last show. It was sad to see go so that is way I want you to bring 90210 back.Because the show could help other people like it help me. Thank you
  • 90210 was a trendsetter of mamoth proportions. Without it we would not have OTH and The O.C. I grew up with these kids and I still watch them at 5pm on Soap network.

    90210 was both a trendsetter and it was my guilty pleasure. It showed me that other people are worse off then me and that I need to cherish what i have. It also felt like one big family because you faced their problems with them and you got inside of their heads. Some of the best episodes are the ones where the cast end up in the hospital. They show the real grit behind the fancy lives and shows teens that even the rich are not invincible. There are so many life lessons to leaaarn in this show and I am eternally greatful for all the time I have had friends in 90210.
  • when i first turned on the TV to see bevelry hills 90210 i thougt that the show will take its end after the friends finished high school, and then i tougt that the show had to end after they had ended college but the show just kept on and on

    when i first turned on the TV to see bevelry hills 90210 i thougt that the show will take its end after the friends finished high school, and then i tougt that the show had to end after they had ended college but the show just kept on and on.

    my favorite person in 90210 is Brandon he have been my idol from the whole begining.
  • 90210 was one of the definitive shows of the 1990s. It followed Minnesota transplants (Brandon & Brenda Walsh) and their friends through high school and college and into adulthood.

    This show has been a favorite of mine from way back. I loved the high school and college episodes but think the series lost a lot of its appeal during its last few seasons. I still enjoy watching the reruns on Soap Net. Now if only they'd release the episodes on DVD.
  • This show was okay I guess.

    This show was alright. I got bored of it easily though because it was always the same story plot over and over again. I got tired of this show like after the fourth season. My favorite character on it was David of course. I hated Tori Spelling in it though. I don't think she is a very good actress at all. I think the only reason she was on that show is because her dad produced or directed the show or something like that. I think that Brenda shouldn't have left because she was my favorite on the show in the seasons that she was on. I thought that they just brought to many characters in to boost up ratings.
  • Miss this show muchly. Wish it never went off the air. But I guess 10 years is a long time!! Love the whole cast!

    This had to have been my favourite show for the full 10 years it was running! Nothing could top it. Some say they found it silly just like a soap, but I thought it was strangely informative.
    I loved the drama of it. Dylan a.k.a.Luke Perry and David a.k.a. Brian Green were the two best characters. The melded well with each other over the years and became the best of friends. That\'s awesome! I miss the show big time. Believe it or not I still have Donna and David\'s wedding episode on tape!! Silly huh? Oh well, when you love something, you just love it as full as you can!!!
  • Long before the cast of the OC was even in high school, there was Beverly Hills 90210, the story of a group of teenagers living in the rich neighbourhood of LA. A show intense with drama, from High School to real life.

    In my opinion, you definitely need to have watched at least a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. It is the first drama show as we now know them, dealing with drugs, family issues, romances... I consider it as a real pioneer, that has led to the television of today.
  • One of the best teen shows I've ever watched. Read on..

    The rich kids of Beverly Hills, fancy clothes, fast cars, mansions. Could life get any better? Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Andrea and Steve welcome twins Brenda and Brandon to trendy West Beverly High where they begin a life-long friendship.

    First things first, this show is awesome. Death, disease, bankruptcy, seduction, you name it this show has it! This show reminds you that even the most fabulous people go through the same thing the average man or woman would. A classic that needs to come back to t.v or needs another spin-off like 90210 The Next Generation. The material of this teen soap is so rich like chocolate, sugar, spice, everthing nice. If you read this review, watch the show! You will get thrill out of this show!
  • Best of its kind.

    It's hard to say what exactly is so addicting about 90210. It really is the first of its kind. Other shows have tried to copy it, but it will always be the best. Even though it is before my time, it continues to keep me hooked. I've been watching ever since the early 90's (even I was too young to fully understand some of it). Years later as I watch the reruns they still keep me hooked. It's just one of those shows that you have to see for yourself. Granted, it was much better in its earlier seasons. I'd have to say that seasons 1-5 are the best. The last few seasons were a lot different. Nevertheless, not many shows last as long as 90210 did. It will live on forever. And hopefully it will come out on DVD soon.
  • .

    I started watching around season 7 but then i watched pretty much all the reruns on FX and recently on soapnet. Even though the show changed as it got older, it was still just as good as the first few seasons. 90210 is without a doubt my favorite show ever.
  • This show was defenitely my guilty pleasure. Although there were downfalls to this show...

    Ahh, Beverly Hills, 90210. Where do I start? This show has and always wil be one of my favorites. Although I have only watched the re-runs of this show when they played it on, correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe it was FX. I wish I could have watched it when it originally aired but unfortunately I wasn't even born.

    B.H., 90210 would always keep me interested. The story lines were fabulous and just the way the actors and actresses portrayed their characters was absoluely amazing!

    Although the show had its ups, it also had its downs. For instance the relationships was a big problem. When Shannen Doherty(Brenda) left the show I was just so crushed. I mean I have always wanted to see Dylan and her together in the end. That's not the only relationship mishap. These are most of the relationships that should have never happened on the show: Dylan and Valerie, Noah and Donna, Jesse and Andrea(well after a while these two grew on me but I've always wanted to see her end up with Brandon),Gina nad Dylan, Ray and Donna, and David with that DJ chick(sorry but I don't remember her name, its been a long time). But I mean those relationships are what made the show interesting so I guess its not that big of a deal. But that's just my opinion.
  • Best Show around..

    This Show is Awesome.. its one of the best shows around. =) I cant wait until it comes out on DVD. Luke Perry and Brian Austin Green are the hottest members in the show. No one can beat them. I Am a huge fan. I give this show a 110 %. =). - Luke perry is SEXY..
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 is about a group of "Coming of Age" teens as they go throw life dealing with every issue anybody could think of. Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Donna, David, Dylan, Valerie, Steve, Andrea, and others are all friends who help each other over

    Beverly Hills, 90210 is one of the BEST shows I've ever seen!! It's a show that isn't afraid to tackle any issue. These people have gone through anything anybody could throw at them. They've dealt with dating, sex, drugs, deaths, and many, many other things. All these why still looking great. This is one of Spelling's greatest shows. For 10 season strong seasons this show as captured the hearts of so many. It brought the vieweres laughs, tears, heartache, and so on and so on. This show really needs to be out on DVD! It would be a perfect addition to anybody's box set collection.

    I give it 10 out of 10!!

  • This show is the epitome of nineties teen TV, paving the way for the OC.

    Beverly Hills 90210 is the most amazing teen television show in the history of the world, and probably the longest running, too. It was Saved By The Bell's more dramatic, less funny cousin, and yet it is still a noteworthy show. Granted, I was very yound when this show originally aired, but I watched it anyway, and was completely in love with it then, as unlikely as that may seem, and when FX replayed the show's run, essentially in its entirety, I loved it even more than ever. It addressed essentially every issue that Seventh Heaven has, but in a less dorky, and contrives plot sort of way, not forcing everything to be connected (plus, the hot guys and lack of Stephen Collins is a huge plus, not to mention that 90210 came first). Of course being that I am a teen, I was the target audience for this show, but I was one of the few in my generation to watch this show, and more than that, enjoy it.
  • Knots Landing - The Teen Years

    Beverly Hills 90210 was a classic teen soap that paved the way for latter day descendants such as The O.C. and Summerland.

    During its era, BH90210 was THE topic around the lockers (water coolers were scarce in schools). Everyone wanted to keep up with and be in tune with Minnesota twins – Brandon and Brenda, and their new rich friends Kelly, Steve, and Donna. And then in walks Dylan – the bad boy of the suburbs.

    It was a show that at the time was original, and was easy for the teen crowd to relate to. Even with the departure of Brenda – the show was still cutting edge. I enjoyed watching the show – but by the end of its era like many others, the show had lost some of its punch and my attention. When it finally came to an end, it was long overdue. But even still – the original first few seasons can still be justified as great in my book.
  • Well this show was pretty good seasons 1-4 but after that it was OK

    I must say this show was the best ever! I watch reruns soapnet now but it was quite informative! seasons 1-4 were sheer brilliance an maybe season 5 but i dunno about seasons 6-8 9 and 10 were pretty good! It depends on the episode though I love the high school episodes and who doesnt love the spinoff Melrose Place!
  • One of my two fave shows. Kelly was my favorite character. I had the dolls, trading cards, magazines, books, etc. The show was amazing and is a classic. I would recommend to anyone. The characters evolved over time and became even more relatable.

    One of my two fave shows. Kelly was my favorite character. I had the dolls, trading cards, magazines, books, etc. The show was amazing and is a classic. I would recommend to anyone. The characters evolved over time and became even more relatable. I miss the show very much. I wish it was still on.

    Love this show!!! I watch the reruns all the time. Wish they would come back and do a 2 hour reunion movie. So many shows have tried to imitate this show. But, none can compare. It is the first of it's kind and it will always be the best. Hope the DVD comes out soon!!!!

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