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  • Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love,

    As this group of trend setters has evolved from their high school woes to the present post-college life lessons, I've seen it all. Not necessarily what most would consider a kid's show, it's definitely geared more towards the later teens, and young adults who evolved with them.
    In the beginning it was a simple story of small town twins trying to make it in the busy mess of a Beverly Hills high school. As time went on they all became an intertwining group of friends who encountered everything from bed-hopping and drug-swapping to business owning and usual groaning. Through college, and now entering "adult-hood" with extending families and more serious story lines... the original pair (the twins) are no longer in the show, and others have floated in and out.
    Through all of this, the basis of glamour mixed with morally stretching behavior has remained true. Not your general fell-good family television moment, in fact I wouldn't recommend it to younger children: it is definitely at the soap-opera end of the spectrum.
    Even though the show has been on for so long, I still enjoy watching it and following the stories the come up. They've dealt with rape, abuse, drugs, friendships, divorce, betrayal, and more... and now they even' begun to deal with a young family, having a baby, and parents who don't approve (because of racism). It may be easier for a long-time watcher to enjoy and follow, then someone new trying to step in... but I couldn't be too sure, since I've watched since the very beginning.
  • I think this show was cutting edge for it's time, I mean it spent from 1990-2000 on the air, so it had to be doing something right. It paved the way for 'Friends' and other shows like it. This indeed was a very close group of best friends.

    As a male, this was one of my favorite shows during the 1990s. It was basically your teenage soap opera that aired at night. It was a show that was mostly for the female demographic, but was a good show for males as well.

    It took a Brother & Sister (Brandon & Brenda Walsh) who lived in Minnesota with their parents (Jim & Cindy Walsh) and moved them all the way out west to Beverly Hills, CA. That indeed is a culture shock.

    I enjoyed this show because it took some outsiders and placed them in an unknown territory, but as years past, they formed a very close friendship with the people they met at their high school.

    This show did go through a lot of characters, but without new characters, I don't think it would have done as good, and I'm sure Aaron Spelling knew that.

    My favorite person on the show was Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) because he reminded me of myself. He was the 'cool' guy, but was always there for anyone and helped anyone in need. That’s what made him so ‘cool.’

    This show currently airs on SoapNet.

    It indeed is the most famous zip code.
  • Twins from Minnesota move to Beverly Hills and make friends with people with a completely different set of values.

    When the show premiered,I was already in my mid to late 20's however,I really enjoyed the show considering half the people playing teenagers were actually my age.....While the show was best during it's high school years I still watched it afterwards.... When it ended its run ,everyone that could sleep with everyone did.The show might have worked better if after the first 5 years it switched its focus to a younger group of kids..... By the time the show ended its run,I was waiting for it to become 90210 the geriatric years
  • Great teen drama during it's run.

    It's easy to forget (or not even know) that at one point, Beverly Hills, 90210 (created by Darren Star who'd go on to Melrose Place before the phenomenon that is 'Sex & The City') was the biggest teen-orientated show in the world. Yes - the world! One minute, it was struggling to survive and the next, the stars of the series inspired scenes reminiscent of 'Beatlemania'. And justly so because in those halcyon days of yesteryear, 90210's blend of drama, cheese, humour, pure unadulterated escapism, great scenery in terms of cast and location and strong characterisation was compelling viewing.

    The early years concentrated on the Walsh family - who promptly became the emotional core of the show - and their efforts to adjust to life in Beverly Hills after relocation from Minnesota.

    Twins Brandon and Brenda (Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty) befriend a diverse group of mostly-rich rich kids at West Beverly High: spoilt son of a movie actress, jock and joker Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), persistently in trouble and always relying on Brandon to bail him out. Brainy (but not as affluent) crusader Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) doomed to an unrequited love for Brandon. Ditzy, naive Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) - probably the most (in)famous virgin on American TV. Insecure, school DJ David Silver (Brian Austin Green), desperate to be accepted by the gang. Blonde bombshell Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) who'd go on to sleep with her best friend's boyfriend and also, her ex-boyfriend's best friend. And last (but by no means least), moody alcoholic Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) - the quintessential troubled teen.

    From High School (Seasons 1-3) through to College (Seasons 4-7) and life after College (Seasons 8-10), they face a series of crises together ranging from the death of a friend to depression, drugs, physical and sexual assault and tumultuous love triangles.

    The earlier High School years are undoubtedly the best; the original cast is intact, the strongest scripts are to be found within this time frame and it's the period that, to this day, defines the show.

    However post-Shannen Doherty and with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as vivacious, vampy schemer Valerie Malone and Kathleen Robertson as the acerbic, sarcastic Clare Arnold on board, 90210 remained very entertaining viewing right up to College graduation at the end of Season 7 - notable as the episode in which High School sweethearts (and future spouses) David and Donna finally consummated their long on-again/off-again relationship.

    Admittedly, the last three seasons are weaker than previous ones. A deadly combination of changes to cast and crew (it survived the loss of Darren Star, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry in Season 6 but to all intents and purposes, the show ended with Jason Priestley's departure in Season 9. Not even Luke Perry's return could compensate for that), a more overt soap opera format and weaker new characters (embodied by the faux-Dylan imitator Noah Hunter ineptly played by Vincent Young) sounded the death knell for a series that had become a shadow of its former powerhouse self.

    Still, in the cutthroat world of TV, you've got to have something very special to last ten years on an American network and that's exactly what Beverly Hills, 90210 did. It outlasted all its contemporaries such as the infinitely superior teen drama 'My So-Called Life' starring Clare Danes and Jared Leto, which only made it to air for a year, and it gave the likes of 'Buffy', 'Party of Five' and 'Dawson's Creek' a recipe for success to follow.

    Love it or hate it (and I LOVE it) - Beverly Hills, 90210 is a TV institution.
  • Well nobody knew that i watched this. I remember refering to the show as the "secret show" when talking to my girlfriend (now my wife). She would always say turn it to fox because the "secret show" is about to come on.

    When i first told my wife about this website, the first thing she dared me to do was to admit that i used to watch this show every week it came on. She didnt think i would do it so here i am telling everyone that yes i watched "90210." I was hooked every week to tune in to see who was sleeping with whom, and who was having the drug addiction problem that week. I also had to tune in each week to watch those hot "90210" babes. Brenda Walsh was my favorite.
  • Forever 90210

    Why is this absolutely fabulous show not on DVD yet? That is the question on EVERYONES' mind. This is one of the greatest shows of all time. There would be no The OC, Dawsons Creek, etc if there had been no 90210. I want my Beverly Hills, 90210.

    Brandon and Kelly forever!
  • 90210 just like playing with barbie dolls

    Beverly Hills 90201 is going on yet another re run on swedish tv, and even though I have seen all episodes atleast 3 or 4 times before I just can´t miss it. Looking at 90210 is just like your childhood plays with your barbie dolls. My personal favourite is Dylan, and has so been since his first episode ! I was so happy that he returned in the final season. There will never be a show like this again. During it´s first seasons it was the show that had a huge infulence on what clothes to buy, how your make up should look like, what accessoaries to use, what music to listen to and the most important topic to discuss with your friends... In all honesty I have to admit that the quality went down in the last seasons, but hey that´s what happens to most shows.
  • 90210 is a show about a group of best friends that go through the trials and tribulations of friendship, relationships, drugs, and all of the problems young people experience throughout highschool, college, and ultimatly the real world.

    I love Beverly Hills 90210. It\'s an amazing show. I just recently started watching it even though it\'s already off the air, but i fell in love with the show quickly. So far I think I\'m going to like the highschool/early college years. I like the couple of Dylan and Brenda, and since she is leaving the show after season 4 i think i will be upset. I dont like Kelly and Dylan as a couple, but that\'s beside the point. The show just so easily drags you in and makes you have to watch again tomarrow because it leaves you hanging at the end of almost every episode. That\'s how I got hooked. All I can really say about 90210 is that I LOVE IT!!!
  • A group of best friends go through the good and the bad with each other and others but in the end they are always best friends.

    The "Classic" teen drama show creating the foundation for shows such as One Tree Hill and The O.C. It's the best out of all of the teen shows and it is a wonderful show. It was the first of all the teen drams and they should definitely bring it back. It would make a lot of people happy, especially me.
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