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  • i adore this show!

    I love Beverly Hills 90210 for being convincing in every teenagers' lives. This show really presented a lot of involvements in every relationship and a lot of matters facing during teenage years. I really do miss watching this show. I'm also a big fan of Luke Perry and Jennie Garth back then, hehe! that's why recently ordered a copy of it at dvdbooth .com which came with nice video and audio quality. It was really wonderful to reminisce the good old days!
  • Beverly Hills 90210 - please do a reunion!!!!!

    I love this show! It stopped a long time ago, 12 years now, but I miss Beverly Hills 90210! At least I've got all the 10 seasons on DVD and I never get tired of watching this show! Some seasons are better than others and I don't like all the characters but .. still a great show! PLEASE DO A REUNION!!!! I MISS THEM!
  • 90210 Podcast

    This entire show is dedicated to Beverly Hills 90210. And its pretty informative and hilarious. 61-beverly-hills-90210/
  • Undeniably Phenomenal

    I didn't watch Beverly Hills,90210 when it was originally on. I was too young, and knew nothing about it. Growing up I always knew who Jason Priestley was. My Aunt was in love with him, and actually thought at once she was married to him. I always glanced at it sometimes when it was on. I used to say "Oh, what a stupid pointless show!" It wasn't until I was 14 I really wanted to check it out and see how this show really was. I got the second season on DVD and I watched the Halloween episode. I didn't get it into it at first but by the end of the 2nd season I was hooked. I spent the rest of my Spring Break watching the show. Ever since that day I've been in love. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I grew with this show. It was the thing that got me through my teen years. This show changed my life in so many ways. The acting and actors were amazing. You won't regret watching this show. I hope it changed your life, like it did to me. 10 billion stars from me. This is the one show you can't miss. Somehow I almost missed it. But thank gosh I didn't.
  • A drama for young adults that was initially based around the lives of two outsiders named Brandon and Brenda Walsh who move to Beverly Hills. The show dealt with major issues such as date rape, domestic violence, drug abuse, suicide, abortion & AIDS.

    It is easy to forget (or not even know) that at one point, Beverly Hills, 90210 (created by Darren Star who'd go on to Melrose Place before the phenomenon that is 'Sex & The City') was the biggest teen-orientated show in the world. Yes - the world! One minute, it was struggling to survive and the next, the stars of the series inspired scenes reminiscent of 'Beatlemania'. And justly so because in those halcyon days of yesteryear, 90210's blend of drama, cheese, humour, pure unadulterated escapism, great scenery in terms of cast and location and strong characterisation was compelling viewing.
  • The teen drama is about teens living in Beverly Hills, CA. It was the best show ever! It deals with a lot of issues we face during our teen years. I was a fan for a long time. I love this show.

    I enjoyed watching it since I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school. The show started a month, before I turned ten and a fourth grader in grade school. I was nineteen and just out of high school, when the show ended. One of my favorite couples on the show is Brenda Walsh and Dylan Mckay. The best couples before Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood on "The OC". One of my favorite moments is which Brenda was deflowered by Dylan in the hotel room after the spring dance. I also liked the place where thay hang out after school is The Peach Pit, a 50's style diner. Dylan is the hottest character ever. I liked the new episodes that were played during the summer. The season 2 premiere started in July, 15 years ago. That show paved the way for "The OC", 13 years later. The series is now rerunning on SoapNet 5 days a week.
  • No series could ever top B.H.90210

    Ever since I was 20 I always enjoyed watching Beverly Hills 90210,not because of the stars,or the drama,but the issues that every teenager faces each day of their lives,and that is why this show was so successful,and each of the characters in this show,cared for one another,despite their actions and attitudes,I can never get bored watching this show over and over again,even on dvd I watch it season by season,I only hope that the New spinoff named "90210" is just as successful as it's original series was 9 years ago,even with some of the original stars of Beverly Hills 90210.
  • This Show is perfect i love it

    I think this show is great it shows what it is really like to be a teenager and young adult. It shows the strugles and the tragties that come along with life. i think that this show is down to earth and has just the right amount of drama and a little bit of comedy as well but in just the right places. I believe that it will be on in repeats for years to come i cant believe how popular that the show is still today. it may show the struggles and the tragities that all the charactors go through but it also shows the way that they deal with it and it shows that all decisions are not always easy to make. this show is great it is perfect I perssonally love it!!
  • Classic

    My favorite show. I've only been watching for about six months after i started watching the new show, but it's so addicting!

    The early seasons were great, using new ideas and not repeating story lines like they did later on

    S01: Great! Best episode: Home Again. Season 1 did a good job letting us get to know the characters.

    S02: Pretty good. Best episode: Things to do on a rainy day. More development. Some boring episodes, but mostly pretty interesting

    S03: Addicting! Best episode(s): She came in through the bathroom window, something in the air, commencement, midlife... nw what? castles in the sand
    This season had many intriguing plot lines.

    S04: A bt boring, but mostly good. I'm about 3/4 throught this season, and a lot of interesting events happened

    S07: I saw the second half, and Valerie's evilness was fun to watch. Amazing!

    S08: Boring. They could have ended it after season 7

    The rest i didn't watch...
  • My new found favorite!

    I love beverly hills. I watch the last season and when I saw Soapnet was going to restart it from season one I had to start watching...Always wanted them to bring back Brenda would have loved to see what she thought of Kelly and Brandon and how her and Val would get along. Also I loved when they brought on Val her character was very real and I always took her side over Kelly's...I also found it funny how in the last episode everyone one was best friends...Can't wait to see CW's version. Although the original is always the best. Favorite New old show!
  • beverly hills 90210 best show ever

    beverly hills 90210 is the best show ever. it is interesting and they kept it going for 11 seasons. dylan mckay (luke Perry) is absolutely gorgeous he is hot, brandon walsh (jason priestley)is hot too. my favourite character is dylan and kelly. i love this show so much and reckon they should have made a movie.didnt really want brenda and dylan to break up but he got with kelly so it was still good. i give a 10 out of 10 and would never change my mind about it.the seasons got better as they went on. i love it and wouldnt change a thing about 90210

    p.s dylan mckay is hott

  • Two siblings, Brenda and Brandon, move to Beverly Hills.

    AMAZING! I love this show so much. It was a cult phenomona and I wish it was still on the air. My favorite character was Brandon, and it sucked when he left. I also loved Kelly, David, and Donna. It was good in it's early years, and also very good after Brenda left. Valerie was an amazing addition, especially since I loved Tiffani on Saved by The Bell, so maybe I'm a bit bias. But, the show was great with amazing storylines! I watch it everyday when it plays on Soap Net! It's a good show, and nothing will ever be like it!
  • I am a new fan of the show, but it is definately on e of my guilty pleasures.

    In the day and age of lame teenage soaps, this classic will never get old. Even though I only recently started watching this show, I love it. It is so soapy and full of drama. The reason I started watching this show is because Jennie Garth. I love her on What I Lke About You and found that this is where she started and it wasn't long before I seen this is where many of my favorite actors got there start (like Tori Spelling) Great show. I have only seen a few episodes, but everyone I have seen has been good.
  • It was a huge phenomenon...

    I'm not going to give a critic's review of this show, just a casual, personal review.

    Out of the classifications, there were so many I could have chosen; "ahead of its time" was going to be the one. 90210 WAS ahead of its time. It dealt with so many of the issues faced by teenagers, but not often portrayed in the media. Date rape, drugs, suicide, teen pregnancy. All the big ones. Anything you could possibly think you would face in your years as a teenager, you could find on this show. It was in some ways groundbreaking.

    I went with "classic" though, because that's really what 90210 is. It ran for 10 years, and many, like me, still hold a soft spot for it and its characters in our hearts. I was completely thrilled when TvTropolis started showing it in Canada, and even more thrilled when they began releasing the season dvds (even if they couldn't get all the rights to the original music and had to change it around a bit...totally worth it).

    Although the show had some downfalls and some weak storylines, it still held its own during the 10 long years it was on the air. Even if there was a weak episode or 2, it could never turn me off of this show.

    And sure, it has many (many MANY) corny, lame, cheesy moments, but that's what I love it for, that's why it's a classic.
  • From the glory 'teenage' years in the first few seasons, to the classy adult years, this drama set the tone for many shows to come.

    What can I say about Beverly Hills 90210? It's first season saw many young actors take a chance in a teenage drama, it didn't even rate highly, but FOX gave it a chance in summer, and ever since it has rates through the roof. Many people say after the 3rd season the series 'jumped the shark', losing it's teenage ways and becoming more 'Soap Opera'. I disagree. It transitioned itself from a teenage drama to a classy adult drama very well.

    Personally, this is one of my top 10 favourite shows of all time.
  • The Walsh twins, Brandon and Brenda, move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, and they quickly befriend Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, David Silver, and more ahead.

    This is my new favorite TV Show!!! I watch it every day, I tape it on SoapNet every day, and I think that Brandon and David are the hottest guys ever! I thought Kelly was a b****, Steve was HILARIOUS, Donna was so goofy and one of my favorite characters, Brenda IS my favorite character and we have a lot in common: WE'RE BOTH OVERLY DRAMATIC! And Valerie was the "villain" that we loved to hate. My favorite couple was Donna/David! I know some people think that the show went downhill after Brenda left, but I don't think that's true! It was still great when she left! I still loved it! The WHOLE show was great. Althought it was different after Brandon left (and every episode after that, I always felt there was something missing) still my fave show of all time!!
  • Twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, Calif. where they embark on life changing decisions and relationships with Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Steve and Andrea. Simply an amazing show.

    This show was amazing, though the last couple of seasons dropped off, I still faithfully watched every single episode.
    The characters, relationships and storylines were amazing and most of them were duplicated on other "teen dramas." Take a couple of the major relationship triangles - Brenda/Dylan/Kelly; Dylan/Kelly/Brandon and look at other shows such as Dawson's Creek: Dawson/Joey/Pacey; One Tree Hill: Brooke/Lucas/Peyton etc... From Brenda getting robbed at gun point in the Peach Pit to her pregnancy scare; then Dylan's father exploding in his car (which yes we found out later he was in the witness protection prgram) to his wife being shot to death the night after their wedding; then Kelly getting caught in the fire to her cocaine abuse and then being raped; Steve finding out his father is really his father and not his adoptive father to watching him and Janet getting married and having Maddie (he finally is happy after all these years) to Donna and David whose love started off so pure and innocent to their wedding in the final episode and then every other couple and storyline in between - the show was the best of the "teen dramas" which continued into their adult lives.
  • ..............................................................................................................

    it was the most hot serial on tv.i love everyone of the characters.especially dyllan and steve.i always hated kelly and valerie.please bring it back please please please...............please.i also loved donna and noah, and i like very much the walsh family.its a very very nice show and also very educative.sorry my english......
  • Students at Beverly High go through everyday trouble and life.

    The episodes I have watched have all been interesting and fun to watch. I love to watch them when kids are involved and I've actually watched a few. I saw an episode with Dylan's littlesister where she got her period for the first time. I have never been able to watch every episode, because I was very young when it first aired. I loved that episode with Dylan's sister. To gt the point of this show, you have to watch like every single episode and I can only tell you I really love this show and also the title tune is lovely.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 kind of reminds me of Degrassi with all of its juicy drama and other problems.

    I love this show! It kinda reminds me of Degrassi. My mom just recently rented Beverly Hills 90210 for me and i started watching it and i loved it! This show is great for teenagers. I'd recommend this show to anybody. This show will have your eyes glued to the T.V. This show has great acting. As a teenager myself i find that i can really relate to some of the problems that the charactors on the show go through such as deaths,drugs,eating disorders,and many other problems. The show couldn't get any better then it is..I love it so much.

    The very first episode I saw was Isn't It Romantic when Brenda first goes out with Dylan, I thought it was some after school special but was really drawn into the acting of the show. Then I had my mom look it up for me (I was around 11/12 years old at the time)she found out it was on every Thursday night on Fox at 9 o'clock so I started tuning in and then later saw the ones before that as reruns during the summer and was really drawn into the cast. Steve the rich jock of the crowd but has is sensitive at the same time and has the hots for his ex Kelly Taylor the queen snob of West Beverly befriends Brenda in a science class who also meets Donna the typical blonde air-head of the group (puts contact in same eye)Brandon, Brenda's twin brother also befriends, bad boy image, self destructive Dylan Mckay whom later dates Brenda. He also becomes friend with Andrea (the co-editor of the Blaze)also sorta geeky girl who lives with her grandma in a tiny rundown apartment in order to attend West Beverly, and they become real close and almost start a relationship but agree to keep it monogamous to not ruin their friendship. Steve also become one of Brandon's good friends even though in the earlier ones they kind of didn't get along. Last but not least was David Silver the freshman dork that was in love with Kelly and always had a video cam attatched to him, also was his best friend Scott Scanlon who is not at all thrilled David is becoming more of the in crowd.

    This show brings back memories, and I just recently bought the Season One Dvd and cannot wait for season two. Whenever I feel sad or stressed I pop in this show and definitely become sucked into the storeylines even if I've seen them a thousand times:D That's what I like about it and love the characters most of all.
  • This show was our life!

    Berverly Hills 90210!!! Even the name makes me smiling. This show guided me through my teen ages. Really loved it. In Austria this show was aired every saturday at 3 p.m. I think. I missed non of them. Kelly the really attractive rich girl, and the cute Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestly) - a really great duo. I also loved the christmas special and the behind the scenes special. I also bought the soundtrack - I think it was on of my frist CDs. Now I am looking forward to watch this show on DVD. Hope it will be available soon.
  • Absolutley amazing. Helps me get through the hard stuff.

    Although it's been over for a while now, it's storylines still represent teenage life of then and now. Although things can be bad, somehow they work it out, but not in any corny, "Ta Da" ways. It's a true tale of love, loss, friendship and growing up.

    Even once it's main charachters left the show, the smaller charachters took charge, and kept the cultural phenomenon alive. It still captures hearts of new teenagers today with it's real life stories and amazing cast.

    It's an amazing show.
  • Two teens move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills and learn how to live a better and different lifestyle.

    Next to Charmed one of my other favorite of all time shows. Of course Shannen Doherty was also on this show. I have watched this show as a little girl sitting next to my big sister since she was in high school during 90210 was on. I watched this show until it ended. my favorite character was of course Brenda and also Brandon. He was so cute and my first cursh on TV. I even bought all the merchandise that was out during that time. I am so happy that they are releasing the DVD's I bought the 1st season and I hope to buy all of them like I have with charmed!
  • I can watch the reruns over and over again. While I was growing up watching this show, every week that it comes on, I couldn't wait until it comes on again the next week. I would look forward to watching it. It's an absolutely an excellent show.

    This show is my most fabulous favorite show in the world. I'm so proud that this show has went on and on. I'm so happy that they came out on DVD now. It's like the best show ever, the show is #1 Hit. I give them a 100% A+ score. This show is my life. The 100% A+ score I gave them, I'll tripple that. I'm gald that they invented the show.
  • Would have to say its up there with the best shows ever!

    I grew up watching this show! I can remember the very first time it ever aired and I was torn up when everyone decided to call it quits. I began to wonder if things would ever work out right on that show sometimes, but before its last episode all things great happened! Dylan got with Kelly, David got back with Donna, Steve grew up a little, Brandon showed up on video at least. They went through a lot of beautiful girls on that show, but none made the show as great as Garth! There have been some good shows come along in the last several years, but none have touched the greatness of the area code known round the world...90210!!!
  • 90210! omg! i startd watching this show this past summer on soapnet, n wow is al i can say! this show is beyond amazing! im 14..n i reli wish i woulda gotten to watch it when it was lke on primetime! i luv watching it now! its so good!

    This show is just wel one of the bestest shows evver that has ended. its amazing, n i dont knoe how anyone could not lke it, its great. i watch it every week day when its on soapnet. i luv it so much. everytime i watch an episode, i want more! onle a few shows make mee feel lke that, n this one surely does! this is definitely one of FOX's bestest shows..obviously beecuz it lasted so long! i luv the theme song also!
  • my favorite show of all time!

    i love this show it is my favorite show, i especially love seasons 5 to 9. I was born in the 90's so i didn't get to watch the show when it first came out, but i do watch all the re-runs on soapnet. i don't really watch the soaps that are on right now, because i don't think that they can compare to 90210. it is such a great show. some of my favorite episodes are "Hazardous to Your Health" in season 5, and "One Wedding and a Funeral" in season 6, and my favorite characters are valerie and david.

    My favourite t.v. show ever!
    I keep my fingers crossed for a 90210 reunion!!
    It would be great to watch how the characters have grown.
    I wish all the original cast members will do it!
    But i think that something like that is unlikely to happen now that Aaron Spelling has passed away!But i keep on dreaming!
  • The best show ever made! Thank you Darren Star and Aaron Spelling.

    Beverly Hills 90210 is in my opinion the greatest show that has ever graced the airways. The choice of characters was amazing, the setting was perfect, and the story lines were superb, everything about the show was spot on, A+. Just think there has been drug use, peer pressure, eating disorders, rapes, physical abuse, and suicide, the miscarriage, being burnt in a fire, being shot, the break ups, and make ups. All situations that young people can find themselves in as teenagers, it helps to see how other people deal with these things. Even though it was fictional, it still had an impact in the lives of teenagers everywhere. I know from a fact, because it kept me out of trouble, as it did some really good friends of mine. We stayed away from a lot of situations because we saw what it could do to us. I couldn't wait for Wednesday nights, it was the highlight of my week, and it wasn't only me. My whole class loved it, even though there were only six of us. Beverly Hills 90210 on a scale from 1-10 is about a 100 on my list.
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