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  • No bang for the buck!

    Let's be honest, the new show was rather lame. It lacks any ounce of substance or maturity.The dialogue was horrific and the cast needs additional acting classes. The original cast and show could get quirky on various occasions but truly the new one was an insult to anyone's intelligence. I would not recommend the new version to anyone who used to watch the old. Jennie Garth has had better acting propositions than this in the past. Her acting abilities has passed the level of this.Clean it up and throw it on Nickelodeon. For it's first show it was extremely weak! I found the new show to be a complete waste of my time. I will admit I was looking foward to the new show. From the moment the music began to the introducing of the cast it just kept going downhill from there.
  • Was the BJ scene necessary? . I know this is what sells but being brought up on the orignal 90210..I can't do class. I feel like they took an orignal masterpiece and painted all over it with graffiti.

    The original was much more tasteful and the actors were way more convincing. I know I should probably give it a chance but with the original I was "allowed" to watch it because it hit on all the important issues of teen life..BJ's not being one of them. What can we expect the next episode to teach our tweens its ok to do? Hummmm.... I honestly lost interest after the first half hour. My husband was watching it and when Kelly and Brenda were on was when it peaked my interest. I hear Shannon is only on for 4 episodes....thats enough for me to not bother to watch. I would rather watch the original cast in their older years. I know this is the way of TV in the 2000's, it is what sells.. language and filt.
  • Really why?!?!? WHY??? It is an awful series

    I can't really say why it took me so long to realize how horrible this show was. In my defence i'd say there wasn't anything else to watch (but you can understand that is just an excuse). I honestly don't know why i watched this show, but then i can tell it helped me to recognize other useless and diseducative shows like this one (i'm talking about Dawson's Creek). I stopped watching it when i realized the main plot had the only purpose to rotate the relationships among male and female characters (except for those ones whose actors left the show!).
    I truly believe "drama" doesn't mean trashy and surreal stories that makes incredibly complicated the lives of the characters...for this same reason i stopped watching other promising series: even though they started differently, in a very good way, they've taken the wrong direction (like "The O.C.")!
  • Follow the trials and tribulations of poor little rich kids and one know it all.

    It boggles the mind that such a poorly written show with such terrible acting could have lasted so long. The inane story lines were more than I could bear. This show helped my grades in college, I had to have something to do while my roommates watched. I tried for a full semester to "get into the show" but after 3 months, I just couldn't take anymore of this nonsense. At least they could have hired tolerable actors.

  • Teens grow old in Beverly Hills and then they repeat every storyline for 10 years!

    This show was very good up until mid-season four. After it reached the season finale i began to wonder "Why do i still watch this show?". Season Four was a big failure in my eyes and then how they contiued to drag out the series after that wasn't helping it. It was complete crap how they recycled every storyline and tried to make adjustments to it. Nothing they could do could've helped this show. It was so cheesy and tiring to watch Kelly complain about Tiffani AT's charecter for like two seasons. I am suprised some of the main cast stayed on the show as long as they did. It really bruised their career's. Hopefully the new '90210' won't be as crappy as the original.
  • Gives back memories of the good old times...

    It's easy to forget (or not even know) that at one point, Beverly Hills, 90210 (created by Darren Star who'd go on to Melrose Place before the phenomenon that is 'Sex & The City') was the biggest teen-orientated show in the world. Yes - the world! One minute, it was struggling to survive and the next, the stars of the series inspired scenes reminiscent of 'Beatlemania'. And justly so because in those halcyon days of yesteryear, 90210's blend of drama, cheese, humour, pure unadulterated escapism, great scenery in terms of cast and location and strong characterisation was compelling viewing.

    The early years concentrated on the Walsh family - who promptly became the emotional core of the show - and their efforts to adjust to life in Beverly Hills after relocation from Minnesota. Twins Brandon and Brenda (Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty) befriend a diverse group of mostly-rich rich kids at West Beverly High: spoilt son of a movie actress, jock and joker Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), persistently in trouble and always relying on Brandon to bail him out. Brainy (but not as affluent) crusader Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) doomed to an unrequited love for Brandon. Ditzy, naive Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) - probably the most (in)famous virgin on American TV. Insecure, school DJ David Silver (Brian Austin Green), desperate to be accepted by the gang. Blonde bombshell Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) who'd go on to sleep with her best friend's boyfriend and also, her ex-boyfriend's best friend. And last (but by no means least), moody alcoholic Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) - the quintessential troubled teen.

    From High School (Seasons 1-3) through to College (Seasons 4-7) and life after College (Seasons 8-10), they face a series of crises together ranging from the death of a friend to depression, drugs, physical and sexual assault and tumultuous love triangles.

    The earlier High School years are undoubtedly the best; the original cast is intact, the strongest scripts are to be found within this time frame and it's the period that, to this day, defines the show. However post-Shannen Doherty and with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as vivacious, vampy schemer Valerie Malone and Kathleen Robertson as the acerbic, sarcastic Clare Arnold on board, 90210 remained very entertaining viewing right up to College graduation at the end of Season 7 - notable as the episode in which High School sweethearts (and future spouses) David and Donna finally consummated their long on-again/off-again relationship.

    Admittedly, the last three seasons are weaker than previous ones. A deadly combination of changes to cast and crew (it survived the loss of Darren Star, Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry in Season 6 but to all intents and purposes, the show ended with Jason Priestley's departure in Season 9. Not even Luke Perry's return could compensate for that), a more overt soap opera format and weaker new characters (embodied by the faux-Dylan imitator Noah Hunter ineptly played by Vincent Young) sounded the death knell for a series that had become a shadow of its former powerhouse self.

    Still, in the cutthroat world of TV, you've got to have something very special to last ten years on an American network and that's exactly what Beverly Hills, 90210 did. It outlasted all its contemporaries such as the infinitely superior teen drama 'My So-Called Life' starring Clare Danes and Jared Leto, which only made it to air for a year, and it gave the likes of 'Buffy', 'Party of Five' and 'Dawson's Creek' a recipe for success to follow. Love it or hate it (and I LOVE it) - Beverly Hills, 90210 is a TV institution.
  • The first few seasons were real corny. It seemed like they had to bring someone new in every episode, with some kind of problem that Brandon and Brenda had to talk about and solve.

    It did get kind of better as they got older and the show went along, but it seems like they totaly changed the characters whole personalities. When they started out Kelly was a spoiled brat who thought she was God's gift. Then they totaly changed her to the one that was always "good", and would never say or do anything bad. Donna started out as just a ditz. She was just there to look pretty and say stupid one line comments. Then she became a smart virtous business owner. I guess it is all because they had to write Brenda, one of the main characters out of the show. That is when things started changing. Maybe it was a little bit before that. I liked it when Tiffany Thesin was on the show, she made it interesting, but it did get old. She is bad.....then she is good.....then she is bad again.....then she wants forgivness....then she leaves. Classic soap style.
  • Miss this show muchly. Wish it never went off the air. But I guess 10 years is a long time!! Love the whole cast!

    This had to have been my favourite show for the full 10 years it was running! Nothing could top it. Some say they found it silly just like a soap, but I thought it was strangely informative.
    I loved the drama of it. Dylan a.k.a.Luke Perry and David a.k.a. Brian Green were the two best characters. The melded well with each other over the years and became the best of friends. That\'s awesome! I miss the show big time. Believe it or not I still have Donna and David\'s wedding episode on tape!! Silly huh? Oh well, when you love something, you just love it as full as you can!!!
  • It started here

    So you think the OC is a good show? Then pay your respects to its daddy, 90210. This is the show that started the whole teen prime time soaps thing. I was a part of generation X so this show came along when we were around the same age as the kids on the show. A lot of the scenarios on the show were pretty lame but we didn't care. It was something to watch. You can go back and watch reruns now and see how lame it really was. The show went on for so long they sort of ran out of scenarios. Seems like somebody got raped, hooked on drugs, in trouble or losing their mate each week. They should have killed them all in a plane crash for the finale.
  • Best.

    I really liked it. It was very long, but still intersting to watch. The actors were superb and all the love and friendship stuff were very educational and taught me very much. My favourite characters were Valerie as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and David as Brian Austin Green.
    I liked everything, but also, it has had its time. Its sad, but everything has to end.
  • This drama dealt with the experiences of a group of young people in Beverly Hills, CA as they navigated high school, college and ultimately the real world. They try to deal with life with friendship, family, and personal issues to deal with.

    Even though I did not see a lot of the episodes, I think it is an o.k. show to watch for pre-teens and teenagers. I was sad to hear that the show was over but it was on for a long time so I figure it had to end after so many seasons. I did not like all the episodes shown but there were a few I did like and even loved to watch. I was glad I was able to watch the episodes I could when I could. I would like to suggest that people take a look at Beverly Hills, 90210 because it is a really o.k. series.
  • An entertaining drama that's unique and probably unmatched.

    This show went on for a decade. It's a pretty good show. The OC feels like a clone of Beverly Hills 90210 and fails to match its quality. Luke Perry and Jason Priestley became icons because of this show. The high school thing was fun to watch. The drama doesn't get too deep, the original characters were the magnets of the show. The thing that I didn't like with the show was that the casts didn't stay together. That's understable since actors to get other jobs eventually. But I feel that this show works, it's entertaining, it's not as bad as the OC.
  • I think this show was cutting edge for it's time, I mean it spent from 1990-2000 on the air, so it had to be doing something right. It paved the way for 'Friends' and other shows like it. This indeed was a very close group of best friends.

    As a male, this was one of my favorite shows during the 1990s. It was basically your teenage soap opera that aired at night. It was a show that was mostly for the female demographic, but was a good show for males as well.

    It took a Brother & Sister (Brandon & Brenda Walsh) who lived in Minnesota with their parents (Jim & Cindy Walsh) and moved them all the way out west to Beverly Hills, CA. That indeed is a culture shock.

    I enjoyed this show because it took some outsiders and placed them in an unknown territory, but as years past, they formed a very close friendship with the people they met at their high school.

    This show did go through a lot of characters, but without new characters, I don't think it would have done as good, and I'm sure Aaron Spelling knew that.

    My favorite person on the show was Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) because he reminded me of myself. He was the 'cool' guy, but was always there for anyone and helped anyone in need. That’s what made him so ‘cool.’

    This show currently airs on SoapNet.

    It indeed is the most famous zip code.
  • Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older.

    Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.
    Originally based around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, then later moving on to their college days as they got older. The kids become friends and enemies, fall in and out of love, and go through an endless series of crises as this small group somehow becomes personally involved in every newsworthy social issue from alcoholism to South African apartheid to pregnancy to AIDS.
  • This show was okay I guess.

    This show was alright. I got bored of it easily though because it was always the same story plot over and over again. I got tired of this show like after the fourth season. My favorite character on it was David of course. I hated Tori Spelling in it though. I don't think she is a very good actress at all. I think the only reason she was on that show is because her dad produced or directed the show or something like that. I think that Brenda shouldn't have left because she was my favorite on the show in the seasons that she was on. I thought that they just brought to many characters in to boost up ratings.
  • A Repeat of some episodes n the rest of the series set me to write this one

    Ok this show is pretty good if you are taking a look at every single episode and every single season as a whole. The first season is more after school special then anything but still it has some gems in there. To be honest the good storylines started about half way trough the 2nd season. I loved Shannen Doherty and was sad to see her go off the show but Brenda had been annoying a good half of the time. But she had a good heart and was a relatively good person so it was enough to let you like her. Then Dylan left the show n then Brandon but Dylan came back. Really the only season that really was annoying enough to make you want to quit the show is season 5, so predicatable. Overall a good show one I really enjoyed but they had some seriously annoying or predictable storylines even some bad acting to keep it from being on my top ten list. Although it's definitely in my top 25.
  • What began as a story about the Walshes moving to Beverly Hills and Brandon and Brenda being new at High school eventually turned into a semi-realistic show about college students and then became boring with unoriginal storylines and dull characters.

    During its first four seasons, 90210 was a great show. The storylines/problems the characters went through were realistic and not overly exaggerated. Then came the fifth season, when the show started to unravel. More characters from their tight group of friends began hooking up with each other. Brenda left, Andrea left, the Walshes left, and then Dylan left. The show began taking a dive as they began introducing characters to fill the void of those that had left and they also began to stretch their story lines more now as there were fewer stories/issues to deal with in an original way. By the eighth season, the series jumped the shark. Boring characters were being introduced on a regular basis, i.e. Carley, Noah, Gina, Matt. Brandon cheated on Kelly which was unrealistic, and Donna was now sleeping with every man she met. After Brandon leaves, the show just isn't worth watching anymore as their is no originality or anything intriguing left to be watched. Even when Dylan returns, the show is too far gone for even him to save it. Throughout seasons, shows change and characters develop but with 90210's later seasons, the characters and the series aren't the same. Overall, the first 4 seasons of 90210 are excellent, seasons 5-7 are enjoyable, season 8 is watchable and then season 9 and 10 are horrible.
  • Lives of young guys just like you and me well maybe with a whole lot more money, but still, they go through from the same things we mere mortals suffer.

    What a great show, starting with the fact that i actually felt represented in it, even if they were far richer than me. I think that's what made this show so amazing, it showed you people like you and me going through so many situations. SInce you felt represented on the show you suffered everytime one of them was going through a hard time, specially, if the one in problems was who you considered to be yourself in the show. Sadly, the endings most of the times were so happy and sweet that they took aay some of the realism, yeah, i would have loved to see Brenda being burned alive for being such a witch, uh-oh, that was Shannen Doherty, sorry. It also jumped the shark after Brandon left the who or a little before?

    Great show overall!
  • Completely unrealistic, but hey, isn't that why we loved it?

    I was never allowed to watch Beverly Hills, 90210 when I was growing up, so the few times that I got to watch at a friend's house made it that much more exciting. There was nothing truly realistic about the experiences that the characters had on this show. But, that is why we loved it. We felt like we were getting a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous, no matter how contrived or ridiculous the situation. The latter episodes were definitely my favorite. The drama seemed more fitting as they aged, is still somewhat unbelievable.
    The cast of characters really did cover the full range of personalities one might find in an actual high school, from David Silver, the token rockstar wanna be, to Andrea Zucker, the complete over acheiving nerd who never really seemed to fit in. It was always amazing to me that some many different personalities could get along and be friends for life, but hey. that's tv.
    It wasn't the best show on television, but it did have something going for it - escapism. No matter how bad things seemed to be at home, we could always tune in to 90210 and know that their problems would be so much worse.
  • 90210 defined 90's TV. It set a trend of shows such as Melrose Place, Party Of Five, Models, Inc, etc. It was for a new generation of teens who were influence by the characters, and for older generations who needs there Dallas, and Dynasty fix.

    Beverly Hills 90210! What can I say. It's a true trendsetter. This show defined teen television. Any one hour teen drama out there will eventually get compared to Beverly Hills, 90210. Aaron Spelling has outdone himself.
    Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in 1990 focusing around a group for highschools who go to West Beverly High. The school lasted 10 seasons with such memorable characters such as Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, David, Valerie, and Andrea.
    Being Canadian, I don't get 90210 in synication. We NEED 90210 on DVD!! This is gotta be the top request for a TV boxset right now. It's not about the money Mr. Spelling. It's about the generation of people who grew up on this show, and what to relive the moments again and again. Please sign the right over to have it on DVD!
  • Twins from Minnesota move to Beverly Hills and make friends with people with a completely different set of values.

    When the show premiered,I was already in my mid to late 20's however,I really enjoyed the show considering half the people playing teenagers were actually my age.....While the show was best during it's high school years I still watched it afterwards.... When it ended its run ,everyone that could sleep with everyone did.The show might have worked better if after the first 5 years it switched its focus to a younger group of kids..... By the time the show ended its run,I was waiting for it to become 90210 the geriatric years
  • Long before the cast of the OC was even in high school, there was Beverly Hills 90210, the story of a group of teenagers living in the rich neighbourhood of LA. A show intense with drama, from High School to real life.

    In my opinion, you definitely need to have watched at least a few episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. It is the first drama show as we now know them, dealing with drugs, family issues, romances... I consider it as a real pioneer, that has led to the television of today.
  • This show is good, but before my time and doesn't compare to my favourite teen dramas, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.

    I am only 21, so I saw this show on DVD, and despite being old and outdated and before my time (a little), this show is amazing and it seems like a basis for all teen dramas. In the early seasons, it is heavily focused on the Waslh Twins and their friends. It is also issue-based. While this is good in a way, the soap-opera aspects added from season 3+ became the reason I fell for this show.

    The college years are absolutely my favourite. Brenda left, and Valerie replaced her. I was always at odds about the change because I prefer Brenda over Valerie, but Tiffani over Shannen. However, Clare became one of my favourite characters and the situations they went through in college were always my favourite. After season 7, the series began to go downhill. Noah is probably the reason - the guy can't act at all. This is the season where I started to hate Kelly - and I am a huge Jennie Garth fan. Donna losing her virginity was a jump-the-shark moment. Clare left, and Carly and Noah were inadequate replacements. This is the show I wouldn't reccommend to my friends or quote day after day, and OTH and GG will always be far superior, but I do adore this show (at least before season 9), and think that without it, the better teen dramas I love probably wouldn't have been created.
  • Great wild fun...

    I love Beverly Hills 90210. It\'s an amazing show. I just recently started watching it even though it\'s already off the air, but i fell in love with the show quickly. So far I think I\'m going to like the highschool/early college years. I like the couple of Dylan and Brenda, and since she is leaving the show after season 4 i think i will be upset. I dont like Kelly and Dylan as a couple, but that\'s beside the point. The show just so easily drags you in and makes you have to watch again tomarrow because it leaves you hanging at the end of almost every episode. That\'s how I got hooked. All I can really say about 90210 is that I LOVE IT!!!
  • Friends, Love, Sex, Problems, and School. Beverly Hills, a place of glamour and celebs but of course there are also average joes and the problems they occur just like every sole in this world. Take a trip through students eyes and see them grow and mature

    This is a 90's classic for those that went through High school in those years. Seeing friends deal with problems together, watching couples come together. This show was everything, it wasn't the best at times but it did the job. I personally found it appealing becuase i was that age at that time and sometimes we did occur problems that they may have come accross. The show was a hit and will alwasy be remembered by those that grew up in those days. I recommend they start getting the DVD collection, you can start with the first since thats all that is out but see hwat you think.
  • Suprisingly good.

    When Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted on FOX, I was 4 years old. When it ended, I was 14. So naturally, I never saw it. I heard about it, of course, but it just never interested me. So when I saw that reruns were starting and I needed a new show to watch, I thought I would give it a try.

    At first the show seemed very preachy, after school special to me, but that didn't last long and by the 2nd season, it was all about the drama, which I love in a tv show. I am now almost to season 4 and it's getting better and better.

    If you like Dawson's Creek, The OC,etc....try BH 90210. It's the ultimate in guilty pleasure TV.
  • It\\\\\\\'s about a bunch of spoiled rich kids in Beverly Hills (not that anybody cares).There breast cancer scares, hit and run accidents, gambling problems, and attempted suicides. The fabolous actors such as Shannen Doherty, Hillary Swank, and Tiffani

    I laughed at most of the horrible acting. The only time i watched was when Grant Show guest starred and when Tiffani Thiessen and Vanessa Marcil joined the cast. Who cares about all the drama @ West Beverly, most of us experienced it in our own high school and lives...unfortunately
  • Why did this ever go off the air?

    Why did this show seriously ever go off the air? It was wonderful from the bff's to the boyfriend swapping to the over all indulgence of money & youth. This show was never boring. I think that Val & David were the best couple ever. I think Brandon & Kelly were wonderful together as well. I love this show if you know Aaron spelling tell him I want this show back A.S.A.p
  • Well this show was pretty good seasons 1-4 but after that it was OK

    I must say this show was the best ever! I watch reruns soapnet now but it was quite informative! seasons 1-4 were sheer brilliance an maybe season 5 but i dunno about seasons 6-8 9 and 10 were pretty good! It depends on the episode though I love the high school episodes and who doesnt love the spinoff Melrose Place!
  • Coolness!

    I lov this freakin' awsome show!!It is so cool with the Drama and the spunky attitude.Did i mention hilrouos!I wacth reruns everyday!My favorite charecter is Donna who is played by the beutitful Tori Spelling.I love the actors and the actresses!They make it seem so real!Dude like give this show a ten.
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