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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • The first few seasons were real corny. It seemed like they had to bring someone new in every episode, with some kind of problem that Brandon and Brenda had to talk about and solve.

    It did get kind of better as they got older and the show went along, but it seems like they totaly changed the characters whole personalities. When they started out Kelly was a spoiled brat who thought she was God's gift. Then they totaly changed her to the one that was always "good", and would never say or do anything bad. Donna started out as just a ditz. She was just there to look pretty and say stupid one line comments. Then she became a smart virtous business owner. I guess it is all because they had to write Brenda, one of the main characters out of the show. That is when things started changing. Maybe it was a little bit before that. I liked it when Tiffany Thesin was on the show, she made it interesting, but it did get old. She is bad.....then she is good.....then she is bad again.....then she wants forgivness....then she leaves. Classic soap style.